Efficient ways to take-good-care of your leather boots!


When it comes to men, fashion is nothing but a white-tee, ripped-denims and bulky leather boots. We, men don't think that much about how we look till the time the material we wore is in subtle shape and of high quality. And leather boots are one of the few such bold fashion statements which are cherished by manly-men. Leather boots go well with both denims and trousers for complimenting your macho.

For a man, leather boots are a must!

The only thing lacking in these boots is comfort. But that nowhere means that leather boots are not to be worn during summers. Evidently, direct sunlight and water may affect the quality and color of your expensive boots. But you need not worry for your dear boots.

In order to make sure that your boots are always in a mint condition, here are some efficient ways to take good care of them:

Regular cleaning

If you own a leather boot then you know that polishing and cleaning them regularly is extremely important. But you may not know that it is not only important for making them look pretty but also to provide adequate amount of moisture to the leather.

Avoid sunlight

During summers, the days are longer. And it gets nearly impossible to save your boot's leather from coming in contact with the sunlight. Extreme sunlight damages the texture and color of the leather. So, make sure that you avoid any contact of sunlight with your boots; the less, the better.

No Vacuum

Not many people know that leather needs to breathe to stay in perfect shape. So, if you are keeping your leather boots packed up in poly-bags then you may end up destroying your leather. You must keep your leather boots at a place where there is plenty of fresh air.

Sock-it out

Like me, I know tons of people also have the same habit of putting socks inside the shoes before racking-it-up. But this is wrong. During summers when the temperature is high, we sweat a lot and around 40 per cent of our body's heat is released from our feet. Hence, our socks absorb that sweat which is later absorbed by your shoe. So, avoid doing that.


If you love you leather boots so much that you wear them everyday irrespective of the fact whether it is hot or cold outside then you may be unknowingly damaging your boots. Yes, it is true. Leather boots require time to naturally release excess moisture so absorbed from our feet and once you start wearing a pair of shoes daily then it does not happen. So, try to wear two pair of boots alternatively if boots are with you for life time.

So, stop ruining your leather boots due to lack of awareness. The above mentioned points will surely help a lot in saving your boots from damage. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates

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