Forget 50 Shades of Grey and read these lascivious novels now!


There is nothing as peaceful as being a bookworm, all you need is a good cup of tea and a paper bag, which you can go on reading for hours. Don't you love the smell of new books? So fresh and yet so fascinating. Every page has something new that makes it difficult for us to stop Right?

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies

If you understand what I'm talking about then congratulations! Because you're a bookworm too. Don't be embarrassed; instead use this time to check out some new steamy novels that will make you forget the epic 50 Shades of Grey. Ready? 

Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren (2015)

Based on a young and charming engineer, this book will take you through the life of Ruby Miller who is sent away for an extended official trip to the Big Apple with an unconventionally attractive and recently divorced urban planner, Niall Stella. The arousing conversation between the two will intrigue you in every way!

Women by Chloe Caldwell (2014)

Women, a strong autobiographical tale about lesbian love. It explores everything, from getting confused about sexual orientation to getting familiar with the new side. 

G. by John Berger (1972)

A brilliant novel which deals with intimacy during the time of menacing invocations. The writer gives a great inside of what men and women go through mentally and physically during sex even while experiencing their closest encounters.

Forever by Judy Blume (1975)

Dealing with teenager's sexuality, Forever is an honest account of first love, heartbreak and sex. 

Got it? Go start reading!

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