From every woman to every man: These grooming habits are a must!


Not all but many men are critically in need of some grooming advise said a woman once. Perhaps we, men deserve it. But ladies, why is it so hard for you to understand that we (men) love keeping beards and overdo our cologne? Yet here we (men) are changing ourselves and creating awareness about it too.

Neatness is grooming after all.

Jokes aside! Hygiene is extremely crucial for a healthy living and it is often ignored by men (not all but many). From simple beard trimming tips to basic hygiene, here are some of the most basic grooming advises which every man should follow accordingly (not only for a girl's sake but also for maintaining good health):

Moisture-Less Limbs


Every girl needs a strong hand to hold. Needless to say, that this statement nowhere meant that those hands are supposed to be rough and dry. Men often ignore moisturizing or consider it too feminine for their taste. But here it is! Please pick a decent lotion for moisturizing your limbs. It will just make your hands a little softer on the outside with an instant glow on the skin.



Apes are known to the ancestors of mankind. But it is not evident why only males follow them so rigorously. Yes! We are trying to indicate towards awkward scratching or picking of nose, skin or any other body part. It is not only indecent but also leads to rashes and other skin problems. You must try to clean or scrub as much possible during early hours of the day, at home so that you are clean throughout the day and skip the awkwardness.

Chin Beards


We are no more a part of the Dil Chahta Hai generation. Hence, the fashion of chin beards is long gone. Even Aamir forbids such a fashion statement now. There are a ton of looks being experimented everyday under the segment of 'Funny Videos', so you do not have to try it on you first. Choose a decent cut of beard according to your face.

Excess Cologne


Colognes or perfumes are supposed to make you smell good, not to overdo that smell. Once a perfume or cologne gets over-sprayed, it often smells completely different than the intial fragrance. The excess amount of chemicals including alcohol present in your perfume may also lead to irritation in the eyes or headache for the people surrounding you.

Nail Scale


Have you watched Edward Scissorhands? Well! It is a marvelous movie starring Johnny Depp. This movie is completely relevant to the grooming advise we are about to provide in this section. For those who have watched this movie, you know what we are talking about. Do not let your nails grow out of your fingers or else they will either start hurting people near you or yourself. Long nails trap a lot of germs in them and are extremely repelling. Therefore, you must maintain a routine to make sure your nails are never over-grown.

Unnecessary Wax


There is a thin line between a man's and woman's grooming habits which often get blurred for the less known. Men who get full-body waxed, ends up looking like a douche. Whereas men who don't looks cliché. So isn’t it better to look cliché than a douche? It is completely your choice to opt for waxing or not. However we would advise that you stick to a trimmer only.

Excess Hair


We talked about a thin line standing between men and women's grooming etiquettes. Well in this point, we will talk about the other side of this thin line. Where a few man overdo-grooming by opting for waxing, there are quite a few who loves their bushes. And we admire your love for your mane as well. But try to maintain a balance. There are a few body parts where hairs must not be present in excess like your back! So, stop flaunting Anil-Kapoor-Swag.

These grooming advises are some of the most basic ones which every man should follow for a healthy and happy living. Stays updated with our lifestyle section for further additions to this list and share it with your loved ones.

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