Get Inspired By Lisa Haydon's Strategy to be Fit and Fine

Lisa Haydon, she is the girl who was always skinny and thin but got to know the 'joy of working out' rather early in her life. Not that she looked any bad ever but looking good as a result of her healthy lifestyle is just one of the things she needed. The lady knows the importance of being always fit and fine because she has seen the unfit phase.
Working Out maintains the right body posture from outside and Peace from inside.
Lisa Haydon always sets perfect fitness goals not just for herself, but for us as well. She has the body every girl desires and is jealous of. But now the lady has spilled the beans about her breathtaking figure and the different phases she has gone through in attaining that perfect body. Lisa Haydon has appeared on the latest edition of Vogue magazine alongside our handsome hunk Hritik Roshan and the two look scintillating. Giving the game away about their fitness, the duo had some rather interesting things to tell their followers. Lets see what Lisa had to share.

Funny as a Child

Get Inspired By Lisa Haydon's Strategy to be Fit and Fine No, she did not have the other worldly sense of humor when she was a child rather she looked quite funny when she was a little kid. Not us but the lady herself reveals. Lisa told that “I went through an awkward phase with my body and was often ragged for being too thin. I didn’t understand then why people were being so unkind, but I used it to make myself mentally stronger. Very often what makes you the underdog when you are younger becomes your USP later. What made me so different then has set me apart now.” Inspirational!

Turning Point

Get Inspired By Lisa Haydon's Strategy to be Fit and Fine Lisa confesses that she started exercising when she was 11 and all the credit goes to her mother. She said, "All credit to my mother who, despite having to look after eight children, always made time for exercise." The lady disclosed that she loves aerobics and desperately wanted those sexy legs from the very start, so she started running as well. Now we see how running in the marathons started.

 The Atkins Phase

Get Inspired By Lisa Haydon's Strategy to be Fit and Fine The gorgeous lady shred, "During my years in mid-west America, I had gained a lot of weight. I was eating a lot of country food like fried chicken biscuit. For someone who has always been skinny, and even bullied because of it, I wasn’t used to all the weight and was looking for a quick fix. My sister convinced me to try Atkins…"  Lisa has definitely done some inspirational work on her body that she now flaunts those curves and sexy legs with such confidence. Do follow her fitness strategy and get that perfect body. Thank us later!
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