Get on with your HIV life: Lifestyle hacks for HIV positive


World is changing, they say. People are more aware, they say. HIV/AIDS is a curse, they don't say but it is no less. HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus destroys the immunity system of an individual's body which means if you get infected by any virus then it might take longer than usual to recover or in the worst case, it won't recover at all. However, what people believe is that HIV is the end of an individual's life. But many of the renowned celebrities have proved the above  statement wrong.

AIDS itself is subject of incredible stigma

Well! It is not. Honestly, in a country like ours, if you are HIV positive then this society will force you into thinking that it is your life's end. Along with a heap of physical problems (due to meds), a HIV positive also encounters mental stress which leads to making their life even more miserable. It is likely to find blogs related to the prevention, causes and symptoms but nothing on how a HIV positive individual may lead a normal life. In this changing world, as our bit of trying to change the lives of those effected, we hereby list a few light lifestyle hacks for helping HIV survivors:

Date with it

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Yes, date. A person suffering from HIV must not hesitate from continuing his/her love life as it is completely other individual's choice to be involved with a HIV positive or not. Therefore, stop cursing your disease for the loneliness. Head out, dress dapper and start looking for love again. Understanding and love can make any relationship work. Do not ever stop trying, not even on your death bed. HIV didn’t stop Hollywood star Charlie Sheen from finding love at the age of 60, what’s stopping you?

HIV humor

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Humor is a very important part of an individual's life. Without humor, life would be all work and no play. And if you are a HIV positive, you know how humor or sarcasm related to HIV can bite you right back.


HIV negative: Hi!

HIV positive: Hey man! (Such a great start)

HIV negative: Nothing man! Just feeling a bit restless and uncomfortable.

HIV positive: Must be the AIDS man, I'm tired too (Man, I’m funny)

HIV negative: (Silence..............), Is that supposed to be a joke?

HIV positive:  errrrr........... Yeah

(Call disconnected)

A HIV positive cracking a light HIV joke with a non-HIV is not advisable, not yet. However, two HIV positive individuals cracking HIV jokes is a must hit. Never let the humor vanish from your life, no matter what.

You, me; All of us

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It is a huge misconception that if he has AIDS then he might have done something wrong or unethical in the past that lead to this condition. People connect this condition with drug history, sexual assaults or even with criminal activities of the past which is completely absurd. People who come in contact of this virus are also normal human beings. It is their disease which is abnormal, not them. So, think twice before judging a person on his present condition. Anyone and everyone can develop this disease when the virus gets inside someone's body.

Glass half-full

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For some, the glass is half full. For some, half empty. Others are just happy to have a glass and something to pour in it. Of course, the life you lead is the outcome of your thinking and actions. Once affected by HIV, you may endlessly moan about your lifetime disease, insomnia and stop living your life or you may turn these sleepless nights into timeless workout sessions, hobby-time and for other productive uses. This will not only help you in developing skills but will also ensure that you feel happy and occupied.

Wear red ribbon? For what?

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On the first day of February every year, we celebrate World AIDS Day in order to show support to the ones affected. It is our (non-HIV) work, our portrayal of support to them (HIV Positive). You being a HIV positive must not necessarily wear a red band or publically disclose your condition. It is your disease and likewise, your choice whether to keep it a secret or not. Only the ones near to you must be well aware of the condition.

So, stop cursing yourself or your condition for the low you have experienced from the moment you got to know about your disease. And move on to a more careful and healthier lifestyle for a better 'HIV life'

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