Here are the dishes you cannot miss this Holi!


Along with the blossoming spring breeze comes the festival of colors, Holi. It is a joyful day for children as well as the grown-ups. People not only get a chance to socialize and catch up with relatives and friends but also savor their taste buds of delicious food.

Colors indicate joy and happiness!

When it comes to the Holi-feast, the list of delicacies is endless. From heavenly sweets to mind-blowing snacks; every dish must be prepared with the best of ingredients and lots of love.

Therefore, in order to make sure that you enjoy this Holi with your loved ones, here are the dishes which you can not miss to try this Holi:


One of the most loved Holi staples, Gujjia is a signature dish at all the Holi-parties. It is a sweet dish which has a crunchy-crust filled with rich cream and delicious fruits. Without gujjias, a Holi party is rather incomplete.


Another sweet dish, Malpua is mainly consumed in the northern parts of India such as Haryana, Punjab, U.P, Gujrat etc. It won’t be wrong to call it the Indian-avatar of Pancakes, just a little more delicious.

Mixed-Vegetable Pakora

Pakoras are a popular snack of Indian which is served at nearly all the festivals/celebrations. There is a huge variety of pakoras being served/cooked all over the India. This Holi make sure that you do not miss on pakoras.


After gujjias, thandai is the only Holi-staple without which any Holi-celebration is incomplete. Hence, thandai is a must-to-include dish when it comes to Holi-celebrations.

Gol Gappe

‘Gol gappe’ or better known as ‘paani-puri’ (in some parts of India), is a very popular Indian snack which is a crunchy flour-balloon filled with spicy water. There is nothing as delicious as gol gappas in the whole Indian cuisine.

Paapri Chaat

Yet another famous Indian snack which is mainly served/cooked in the northern parts of India, Paapri chaat or Dahi Balla is a snack served with sweet curd and fruits which is not only delicious but also very healthy for you.

So, what are you ordering/cooking for your loved ones this Holi? We bet something good, indeed. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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