Here is how you can protect your expensive wooden furniture from Monsoon!


Monsoon season brings immense joy in the chaotic lives of the city-dwellers. It brings random showers, pleasant weather and cool breezes into our lives. Perhaps, the damage done by the rain and humidity is more when compared to the fun.

The human soul is hungry for beauty; feed it artistic wooden furniture!

Don't you agree? Humid air leads to rusting of the metals and depletion of the other materials; especially wood. If you reside anywhere near Delhi/NCR and you have an open patio where most of the furnishing is done with wood then you must be aware of the struggle we are talking about. Termites are just one of the many problems faced while maintaining wooden furniture in Rainy/Monsoon season.

The more expensive wood you use, the more expensive its maintenance is going to be. So, here are some clever tricks for protecting your expensive wooden furniture from Monsoon:

Protect from moisture

Wood has a tendency to attract moisture from the walls, which eventually affects the material. Hence, we try to keep sofas, beds, wardrobes, cupboards and other wooden furniture, at least six-inches away from the walls in order to prevent damage during Monsoon. Also, you must keep the windows open when the rain stops to let every bit of sunlight get in, in order to reduce the content of moisture in the air.

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Camphor or naphthalene balls are great moisture absorbents. Such pesticides also help in protecting clothes and wardrobes from termites and other pests. In case you want to go for something more natural, neem leaves or cloves will serve the same purpose.

Humidity hack

As we already have mentioned; humidity or moisture is the enemy of your wooden article. Using a humidifier is also a great way of keeping the temperature and dampness in control. With controlled humidity levels at home would help your furniture last longer.

Cleaning Trick

One must avoid using a wet cloth to clean furniture. You must use a clean and dry wiping fabric for preventing any moisture to come in contact with the furniture. Moreover, dust should not be left unclean during the monsoon as well, as it has a tendency to stick to wooden items.

So, what are you waiting for? You must step-up for saving your expensive wooden furniture by using the above mentioned guide. And stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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