Here is why Sushmita Sen is the ultimate epitome of everything amazing


Very few dare to live lie on their own terms, perhaps even harder for a woman to decide her own path. But Sushmita Sen did it; she is an embodiment of how to live life like a boss.

The only way to go beyond things is to get through them

From making the country proud by conquering the universe to adopting two girls as teenager, Sushmita Sen is the epitome of badass. Everything she does is with meaning and proves only one thing, that whatever you do it should make sense to you alone. So let's take a look through the life of the gorgeous diva:

Becoming Miss Universe

Where many contestants withdrew their application after knowing Aishwarya Rai is also competing, Sushmita did not give up and went on to win the pageant.

Always down-to earth

Even after all the success that has come her way, Sushmita has always been a simple Kolkata girl by heart. She's one of the very very few actresses who used to choose a dress for Sarojini Nagar, Delhi than any of the famous couturiers.

Making her own rules

After putting up a great fight against the society, Sushmita finally welcomed her baby girl Reena and Alisha. She defied convention, adopted two girls when she was single and only 25 years old.

Strong voice

Sushmita loves poetry, and she holds it with herself to create magic by just her words. And what she speaks are just pure words of wisdom which inspire everyone to live a life of courage and honesty.

She is a constant reminder of strength and positivity. Above all, she tells us that whenever life expects you to sit on it, you must choose to dance.

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