Here's everything to know about the love story of Sasural Simar Ka's Prem and Simar!


Soon after the telecast of popular daily-soap 'Sasural Simar Ka', people started gossiping about Simar (Dipika Kakar) and Prem (Shoaib Ibrahim) of the show. Not only the gossips were true but as per the recent reports, the duo will tie knot by tomorrow or day after. The pictures of their ‘Haldi’ ceremony are all over the net.

No love lost, no love found!

But do you know the whole story behind their love affair?  You will be surprised to know that there is a broken love-marriage and a lot of pain involved in their love-affair which is now being converted into marriage. Well! Not all love stories have a happy ending neither a necessarily a good start yet love finds its way.

Here is everything you need to know about the love story of Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar:

Love kick-starts

There love affair started on the sets of the popular TV show, Sasural Simar ka and at that time Dipika was dealing with a three year old love-marriage which was not going well. That is when they became good friends. Both of them could feel a connection with each other. Therefore, they were friends for three years before making any official statement.

Broken Marriage

As we already mentioned Dipika was dealing with a troubled marriage and therefore, there are many who believed that the reason behind the divorce of Dipika from her first husband was due to his alleged relationship with Shoaib Ibrahim but she kept on denying it. In January 2015, finally Dipika’s first marriage came to an end but was it too late till then?

Long Distance

Before the divorce of Dipika from her first husband, Shoaib had already left the show due to his father’s poor health and it was then when Dipika and Shoaib both realized each other’s importance in their lives. Soon, they both admitted their feelings for each other and are finally tying knot anytime soon now.

No Rebound!

Both of the TV actors hesitated in publicly accepting their love affair as they did not want their relationship to be portrayed as a rebound relationship as many were already blaming Shoaib for Dipika’s divorce. But ultimately, they outgrew this phase and decided to tie the knot.

Isn’t it magical? Only love itself comes to the rescue when love hurts. Stay tuned for more celebrity and lifestyle related updates.

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