Here’s how Ayushmann Khurrana stuck in a love-cupid with Tahira Kashyap!


Like the many underdogs of Bollywood, this is the story of Ayushmann Khurrana and his lady luck.  The actor, who is now making it big on the silver screen, has also been making it big in his personal life. From his debut in Shoojit Sircar’s Vicky Donor to the numerous other projects he has done, Ayushmann’s boy-next-door charm has been ruling every girl’s heart. But who rules his heart? Well, the answer is Tahira Kashyap, his childhood sweetheart and now, his lovely wife.

Love will find its way through the most unexpected path

Their love story was nothing less than Bollywood movie, indeed. It involved shyness, struggle, separation and a heavenly reunite. Not many know that these teenage sweethearts went to the same Physics tuition together and that was when they both fell for each other.

Here’s how Ayushmann Khurrana stuck in a love cupid with Tahira Kashyap:

The beginning                                                               

Their love story began around 12 years ago when they both were school kids which had no clue about their destiny together. As per our sources, Tahira once mentioned in an interview that they both met each other at their Physics tuition. And Tahira also mentioned that she was already in the awe of this dimpled-boy. However, they never talked except for exchanging notes as both of them were merely kids and had no plan of falling in love with anyone.

Unexpected meeting

It won’t be wrong to say that destiny brought them together as they both were not even friends until something unexpected happened. Until then Tahira did not even know the correct name of the future-star. One day Tahira was invited along with her mom and dad for a diner at her dad’s friend’s place. Her father told them that he has a friend who is an astrologer. When they arrived for dinner, she was shocked to see Ayushmann there, who was also one of her father’s friend’s sons. So, it is pretty much evident that their destiny wanted them to stay together.


Tahira has admitted it several times that she already had a crush on this actor even before he proposed to her. Their last meeting at Ayushmann’s house led to the seeding of an unending friendship between these two. They slowly began feeling a connection between each other. They did like each other from the right beginning but they were not ready to accept and admit their love for each other.

Love for arts

Both of them had an inclination towards arts and literature which was also a major reason of their bonding.  They have worked in several plays together. And that is when they realized that there something even more precious than just-friendship.  After completing their Master’s in Mass Communication from Punjab University Tahira wanted to tie the knot but Ayushmann had a different plan.


After some tough decision makings and cold-hearted conversations, Ayushmann and Tahira finally decided to hold back their wedding and let Ayushmann try his luck at Bollywood. And that is when both of them had to let go off each other’s hands for greater good. As we all know that the start of Ayushmann’s career was not as big as he might’ve expected and therefore, his loved ones started questioning his skills and responsibilities. But, their love was strong enough to overcome all the problems, and Ayushmann proposed to Tahira in the most subtle yet charming way.

Romantic proposal ceremony

We all have seen the romantic side of Ayushmann in his movies but you would be surprised to know that he is even more romantic in the real life. Tahira mentioned in an interview, "Ayushmann formally proposed to me just last year when we got married in November 2011. He did it like a gentleman with a ring, music playing in the background, red roses, wine and a romantic candlelight dinner."

Both of these love birds are still in very much love with each other and are blessed with two kids; a baby boy, Virajveer and a girl, Vrushka. Stay tuned for more celebrity lifestyle related updates.

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