Incredible tips for keeping your rugs and carpets clean THIS DIWALI!


One of the most celebrated festivals of Hindu community, Diwali is just a few days away and Indians cannot help but start cleaning. Known as the festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated every year with utmost joy and celebration.

The holy festival of Diwali calls of delicious food, numerous get-togethers, fire-works, decorations and lots of fun. Also, it is very important to clean and decorate your home before Diwali for creating the perfect traditional vibes.

And there is nothing in the world like traditional rugs and carpets which light up your place during Diwali. However, cleaning an old rug may prove to be a tiring task on a holiday.
Therefore, in order to make your lives easy, we have compiled 5 incredible tips for easy-cleaning of the rugs or carpets in your home for Diwali-celebrations:

Drapery of lights

There is nothing more celebratory than the glow of lights, be it through diyas and candles, or through dim LED bulbs. Apart from conventional hanging of LED lights, drape lights on every doorway, window sills, staircases and on the furniture sets for a warm festive ambiance.

Get artsy

Add an unexpected element to your traditional decor. Paint on your walls and hang lights around it. Make something out of scrap and use that as a centerpiece for either your living area or the dining table. This will help radiate an aesthetic vibe in your home.


Accessorizing your house will accentuate the festive look to another notch. Ditch the conventional cushions and curtains. Go for elegant sofa tables, wall stands, and wooden coasters instead. Make sure that your interiors reflect who you are.

Bring in nature

One of the simplest ways is to simply head outdoors and collect elements for within. Place a bowl of fresh green rooted grass among your showpieces. Use houseplants, fresh boughs, garlands and citrus plants. This will not only give your house a beautiful green look but will also leave behind a heavenly fragrance.

Go wooden

Go for a wooden theme this year, for that added texture. Replace your old furniture with new wooden ones including the wall clock. Enrich it further by availing attractive upholstery and drapery options.

Cleaning stains

In case of drop or spillage in a carpet, put a blotting paper immediately over it. To minimize absorption into pile, press the spot from the sides for maximum removal. On tough spots, try with an equal amount of white vinegar and water. Club soda is appropriate thinner for coffee stains and red wine; corn-starch for grease; the iron and transfer method for candle wax; otherwise, contact a professional.

Keep your house clean and rugs, cleaner. Happy Diwali peeps!

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