Inside celebrity Sussanne Khan's Pune apartment!


We all know that celebrity Sussanne Khan is famous not for her Bollywood stunts but for her indoor-designing skills. Sussanne is completely dedicated for her career as an interior designer and is being appreciated for it too. This celebrity interior designer, who has decorated homes for numerous other celebrities such as Natasha Poonawalla and others, has mastered the art of using an unconventional mix of materials for designing luxurious and comfortable houses.

The public is more familiar with bad design than good design

Sussanne takes her inspiration from everything which is in this world and never is afraid of using contrasts. When asked about Sussanne's inspiration for her projects, she mentioned "Music, forests, history of architecture through the ages, my thoughts, my feelings, my children’s storybooks, vintage, modern, gothic, Frank Lloyd Wright, people in the design industry, (and) unique souls”. Likewise, she used her talent in designing her own place in Pune and you would be surprised to see the final product.

Without wasting anymore of this space, here is a peek inside Sussanne Khan's Pune apartment:

Master Bed

Sussanne has used contrasting colors as well as materials for designing the master bedroom of her Pune apartment. As we can see, she has beautifully used blue as the darker shade and contrasting white and beige for maintaining a luxurious feel. There is a vast variety of materials being used in contrast for creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Drawing Room

Sussanne Khan’s drawing room is nothing less than a canvas full of elegant colors. Just the way she designed the master bedroom, abstract is the main theme of this drawing room. Huge yet neutral chandelier along with bulky and colorful sofa set surrounded by artifacts makes this drawing a place where you will ever be.

Wine and Dine

While decorating a room and that too with vast variety of materials and colors, space is the only thing which often gets compromised. Well, not in Sussanne’s magnificent dinning alley. The space is well-utilized and comfort is not at all compromised.

Comfort Zone

This miniature bedroom is nothing less than cozy nest. With just the perfect amount of light and a splash of red and blue makes this the ideal design for children’s bedroom. And there is plenty of room to play!


Not everyone in the family enjoys vibrant colored room decals when it comes to designing a home. And therefore, she designed her second master-bedroom as above. Beautifully colored painted with beige, this bedroom is full of Zen.

We may discover a ton of ideas for re-decorating our very own nests from this beautifully-crafted Pune apartment of celebrity interior designer, Sussanne Khan. Therefore, read and share this article for upgrading your lifestyle-quotient. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates. 

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