Intelligent money-saving tech hacks for an easy living


Technology is an everyday's savior in our life. Undoubtedly, technology has been serving mankind relentlessly. One moment, technology wakes you up in the form of an alarm while other moment, technology lets you keep a track on the daily tasks which needs to be completed. Technology brings you close to your friends and closer to the world.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow

Such a boon, technology is to the mankind. Isn't it? If you said 'yes', you might consider rethinking this fact. Along with the facilities which technology provides, there is also a lot of resources and hassle involved in using the technological tools. Well! Here are a few hacks listed below which will serve to your purposes without digging a hole in your pocket:

Increase wi-fi strength

Intelligent money-saving tech hacks for an easy living

In case your wi-fi router fails to deliver proper signals to your room then you must be thinking about buying one of those expensive multi-socket routers. Well! You don’t have to spend money for sorting your wi-fi signal strength. You may simply tear off a small, rectangular piece of foil and fold down the edges to create a "frame." Then place the foil behind your Wi-Fi router's antennae. The so formed aluminium frame will simply boost your wi-fi signals without digging a hole in your pocket.

Create your own home dock

Intelligent money-saving tech hacks for an easy living

You do not have to buy an expensive sound dock for partying now. There are a lot of crazy hacks which will let you create your very own home dock by using household materials. You may jazz things up with a toilet-paper tube, by creating a small slit in an open-ended tube. Now, insert your smartphone in the tube. This will surely boost the volume of your smartphone. Another way of amplifying your phone speaker and boost its volume is by putting it inside a cup.

 Use old smartphone as security camera

Intelligent money-saving tech hacks for an easy living

You may use your old cell phone for doing security surveillance of your home or office. This trick lets you utilize your old hand sets and use them as security cameras. First, you'll need to download Manything on both the smartphone you use now and your old device. This free app allows you to monitor your home remotely on your current smartphone using the camera on your old model.

Find misplaced phones even on silent mode

Intelligent money-saving tech hacks for an easy living

Such a nightmare it is, to misplace your cell phone. It gets even worst if your phone is on silent and won’t ring when called. This clever trick lets you track your phone even if it is on the silent mode. If you are an android user then you must log in to Google Device Manager which has options to play sound even on the silent mode for finding your phone. And if you are an IOS user then you can pull off this same magic trick by logging in to I-Cloud using your ID and then go to the “Find my I-phone” option for playing sound even on the silent mode.

Laptop cooling pads

Intelligent money-saving tech hacks for an easy living

If you use a laptop you must know that they heat a lot, especially while playing games or working. Well! You may just take an egg carton and place your laptop on it. It will help air to pass through the laptop body and to keep it cooler.

These simple lifestyle hacks will ensure that you live a tech-friendly and hassle-free life without spending a heap of money. 

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