Know what make fans think that Ishaan Khattar is the upcoming Shahid!


Undoubtedly, there is and always will be only one Shahid Kapoor in the history of Indian cinema. And Padmaavat star Shahid has earned this position with his bold acting skills and charming personality. From Ishq Vishq to Padmaavat, Shahid has won a million hearts with his movies. But today, we will not brag about his awesomeness in this article. 

Brother like brother!

In fact, we are here to talk about the upcoming Shahid Kapoor of Bollywood who is not afraid of being called so. It is none-other-than Shahid's cousin, Ishaan Khattar. Started off his career with 2017 movie, Beyond The Clouds, Khattar is trying hard to prove his mettle. 

Well! Here are reasons why we think that Shahid's brother Ishaan is his perfect substitute for the industry:

Hot Bod

We all have seen Shahid’s six pack abs and a chiseled body as Maharawal Ratan Singh in SLB’s Padmaavat but have you seen Ishaan? Here, have a look! If this kid is not the upcoming Shahid Kapoor of Bollywood then we wonder who is. 

Good Looks

Every girl who will be reading this article must admit that they started reading it for the sake of their favorite chocolate boy, Shahid Kapoor. Now, have a look at the above picture; Ishaan sitting with Shahid. Don’t you see any resemblance? We bet you do.

Got Moves

When you are talking about Shahid’s talents, you just cannot forget about his dance moves which are next to amazing. And so are Ishaan’s moves. Undoubtedly, this kid has got some serious moves. Here, check it out for yourself.

Acting in the genes

When everyone is comparing both the brothers, we must admit that Shahid’s acting cannot be unmatchable. And hence, there is already tons of pressure on Ishaan regarding his on-screen performance (which was no less than his star brother in Beyond the Clouds).You still think that Ishaan is any less than Shahid? You better not! Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.Follow our Bollywood Magazine For Latest Bollywood News and Gossips.

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