Know what Saifeena has planned for Taimur's first Birthday


This day last year, Bollywood’s couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor was blessed with a baby boy. Soon they revealed their adorable-little-angel's pictures which won everyone's heart. And Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi was already a sensation in the B-town even before turning one.

A baby is God's opinion that life should go on

With sharp facial features gifted by his mum's genes and Nawabi running in his veins, Taimur is destined to go big in Bollywood. Well! We know it is a bit early to conclude any of it. But one thing is for sure that his parents want the best for him on this auspicious day of his birth. Catching up with grandparents and old horses are not the only thing Bebo and Nawab Pataudi had planned for this chubby-ball-of-love.

Here are some of the activities which Saifeena planned for Taimur during his Birthday trip to Pataudi:

Ancestral Bonding


One of the most important part of anyone's childhood is wasting time troubling their grandparents and gaining knowledge on moral values and about their family. And when you are born in a house filled with busy-actors, such catching up with ancestors and family gets even more difficult. Likewise, Saif and Kareena decided to give Taimur the best present which any toddler would love; their time and unconditional love. Has there been any better way to make your kid feel special? I doubt!

Horses and Rides


Horse riding is a part of the protocols of a Royal family. But we do not have horses or stables in Mumbai or Delhi or any other city. So, Dada Saif decided to take his about-to-be one year old son for catching up with his old pals; his horses. Undoubtedly, Saif has been consistently trying to make his son realize about the royal stature he would be carrying throughout the life. Well done, papa Saif!

Intimate Family Vacation


Accept it! You would not know but it gets really difficult to eat together as a family when everyone in the house has pre-booked shoot schedules. It won't be wrong to say that on this auspicious day all this Kapoor-Khan clan wanted was to spend some quality time together. And a little partying along never hurts or does it?

Grand Get-Together


Today is the D-day, Taimur's birthday. Finally, the curtains will rise today and a lot of people will come to wish Saifeena and their adorable angel. Although there is not much revealed about the party but the celebration is about to go grand.

Super Gifts


Soon before December, Kaalakaandi star Saif announced that he would be gifting a Jeep Wrangler car to his youngest while endorsing for the same. So, this is not a surprise anymore. Well! Besides this lavish SUV from Jeep and numerous gifts from the guests who will attend, Taimur is getting loads of wishes from the whole nation.

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their first birthday, such royalty style? When you’re born with a silver spoon, such things easily come by and well, why not. Taimur is every bit of love and innocence, anyone can be and he deserves a hell lot of love that just this. Here’s wishing our bag of happiness, a very happy birthday. We hope you have a long and happy life. And congratulations to the It Couple of Bollywood- Saif Ali and Kareena Kapoor Khan

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