Leave Your Fashion Style! Follow Piggy Chopps


She is not inspired by others but an inspiration herself. A dynamic personality, always a trending topic and one who doesn’t need buzz but she is the buzz. Priyanka Chopra, ladies and gentlemen!

She oozes out Confidence, when she is asleep and when she is awake.
Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra knows how to make everyone turn their heads when she walks the hallway, and mind you not just the Indian but even the International audience have their eyes popped out just by having a look at her. She is heavenly all the time. Either it is keeping up with the latest fashion or taking care of herself in the utmost natural ways, Piggy Chopps tops it all. Talking to FILMFARE about the deep dark secrets from her fashion diary, the lady spills it all. So just leave your fashion style and follow the style diva because you know, she knows her style game pretty well.
  1. Skin N Hair Tips

Leave Your Fashion Style! Follow Piggy Chopps For PeeCee, cleanse, tone and moisturize is the only mantra for a glowing skin. We totally agree with you lady! She recommends showering some love on your tresses time and again, with a comforting head massage with coconut oil and moisturising hair treatments using eggs and yoghurt.
  1. Keep It Handy

Leave Your Fashion Style! Follow Piggy Chopps There are many things a girl always keeps in handy. Miss Chopra has some exquisite taste. A Kiehl's lip balm, some perfume , L'Occitane hand cream, lipstick  and mascara...are always in her handbag
  1. Preferences

Leave Your Fashion Style! Follow Piggy Chopps Although the lady wears Confidence the best, she prefers to wear saree over anything anytime. The only outfit she feels conscious in is Lingerie. She even confesses that she has been a Fashion Blunder many a times. Not any we remember!
  1. 5 Essentials to Hold on

Leave Your Fashion Style! Follow Piggy Chopps Listen to Piggy Chopps when she says that a girl should always have a LBD, a fitting pair of jeans and sexy heels in her wardrobe. Other than this a flattering innerwear is all you need with truckloads of self-confidence. You nailed it PeeCee!
  1. Unwinding is Fun

Leave Your Fashion Style! Follow Piggy Chopps Unwinding is fun for Priyanka. All she does is watch TV shows and movies, sleep, binge and guess what, she likes solving maths equations. Though her personal style is jeans and t-shirt, Priyanka pleads to be buried in Chanel. She perfectly knows what she wants. No wonder, how but she is making it big all over.

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