Meghan Markle's superfit diet that makes her an absolute princess


The world will be celebrating and watching the royal nuptials of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle. Not because the day will be a culmination of a fairy tale for a little girl, but because the 'fab four' will come together officially, as  Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Apart from keeping everything perfect, all eyes will surely be on the bride.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will exchange their vows on May 19, 2018

What she chooses to wear and the look she carries, will go on to rule the social media for decades to come. So how is she working out for her big day? We have managed to gather some insight on Meghan Markle's amazing health and fitness regime. 

Have a look: 

Start the Day Light

Going by Meghan Markle's book of fitness, you have to wake up at 4.15 a.m and drink some hot water with lemon. 

For breakfast, you can go with something simple like steel-cut oats with bananas and agave syrup drizzled on it.

Eat like a Queen

If you’re in a rush or going to the office then prepare your meal with quinoa, onions, garlic, veggies, and some seasoning just like Ms. Markle! It all goes great solo or with some kale salad.

Keep it fresh

Try to cut out on gluten, as much as possible. Meghan sees a noticeable difference in her skin when she gets rid of gluten, but she will eat pasta on occasion.

Squeeze it out!

Meghan prefers some green juice rather than her afternoon coffee. Her favorite mix includes "apple, kale, spinach, lemon, and ginger," and she'll add some berries or almond milk if she's looking for something different.

Go for Red wine

This is something I can get behind. Meghan Markle loves a good glass of "big, beautiful red" wine. Her favorite brand is Tignanello, which explains the name of her now unpublished blog, The Tig.

Hopefully, she is look beautiful than ever on her big day. You, go girl! Stay tuned for more Lifestyle related updates.

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