Monsoon becomes just a little more fun with these mouth-watering foods!


And everyone's favorite season is here. When the rain droplets fall on your window pane, you very well know what they are saying! While you might also hate the rain because of water logging, power cuts and traffic but I'm just going to give you one reason why we all love it, FOOOOD!

I am not a glutton; I am an explorer of food!

Monsoon has everything to do with making our food better. I mean, try to have pakoras on a sunny day; you will know what I’m talking about! The rainy season not only makes everything delicious and Instagram-worth but it is also the best medicine to life your spirits!

While we are at the same page, how about preparing the menu for the next time it rains, because it is always good to be ready before-hand. So, scroll down and have a look at some of the best rainy-day-delicacies that you all should have:

Masala Chai

Although I'm not a tea person but there's just something about rain and masala chai.


Because monsoon is incomplete without them, in every way! So what are you planning- onion? Potato or paneer?

Hot Bhutta

There's no better joy than having roasted hot bhutta with your friends and family. And oh, the lemon juice and chattmasala is just added bonus!


Actually, it's not just rain but Maggi is good for every time! But 'baarish waali maggi ki baat alaag hoti hai!'


Steamed or fried? I don't care as long as I'm having them with spicy chilli sauce and mayonnaise by the side!

Hot chocolate

Sipping a hot beverage while its rainy outside is the best feeling ever!

I don't know about traffic and all but I think I'm going to order something good now!

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