Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi, Akshay and Tina complete 16 wonderful years of togetherness!


Akela hai Mr. Khiladi, Miss Khiladi chahiye…

Mr. Khiladi definitely got his Mrs. Khiladi, Twinkle Khanna 16 years ago on this very day, as the lady is no way less than our phenomenal actor, Akshay Kumar. Talk about his sense of humor or his ability to win hearts, Tina always matches up to his stature and sometimes she is even a level up!

Good meets better for the best

If she’s fire and he's ice, then together they make the world go crazy with their romantic and heartwarming camaraderie. So here are 5 secrets that made their marriage strong, each day!

Love at first sight

Akshay Kumar

Akshay and Twinkle met for the first time during a shoot for the Filmfare magazine and he developed an instant crush on Twinkle. However, things took a different turn, when the two began shooting for International Khiladi in 1999.

Opposites attract

Akshay Kumar

Akshay and Twinkle have very different personalities, one might also say that they are poles apart. While she is a motor-mouth and enjoys non-vegetarian, he is measured and a strict vegetarian. Still, the two complement each other like no one ever can!

Humor is the key

Akshay Kumar

Apart from the different lifestyle, the two share one common thing among many and that is humour. Akshay is a pure entertainer as we know it and Tina is no less! She takes amazing hits at people through her columns in The Times of India.

Interestingly, Akshay still reads every column that Twinkle writes, before she submits it further.

Unconventional match

Akshay Kumar

Twinkle and her antics can throw anyone off guard. Before beginning with the wedding planning Mrs. Funnybones made a chart of medical history in Akshay's family to ensure that they'll have safe and sound lineage.

16 long years of bonding

Akshay Kumar

The couple who started their courtship as a fling, are still going strong each day. God bless! The couple, are now happy parents of two wonderful children, Aarav and Nitara.

Aren’t they the perfect dream couple? We’re sure they are. Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi give us some serious #RelationshipGoals! Congratulations on your 16th anniversary and we hope to see you two even more in love!

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