People with World's Most Unusual Lifestyle Habits


We live in a huge world, with different people and very different beliefs. You might think that you are living the normal way, but you will be surprised to know how some of the people spend their lives. From living in the remotest of areas in the world to spending their whole life in a wheel chair just dreaming to be paralyzed, the world gets scarier and bizarre every time you look deep at it. While most of us live normally, we wake up, bath and eat; some people have no place in their daily schedule for such chores.

Live life, King size

Well, we're no one to judge and neither are we; we have managed to list down, few bizarre lifestyles that people follow around the world. First stop whatever that is what you're doing and hold on to your chairs. Read at your own risk!

A man living with cockroaches


Kyle Kandilian, a university student from Dearborn, Michigan, has a weird passion. And that passion is to pet cockroaches.  Sounds disgusting, isn’t it? Well! He begs to differ and estimates that he currently has about 200,000 cockroaches in his home. The 20-year-old man collects and breeds cockroaches both for fun and profit. Apparently, this unusual hobby is helping him pay for an education at the Michigan-Dearborn University.

A woman living in the Victorian Era


A woman named Sarah Chrisman never wanted to wear a corset, but after her husband gave her one for her 29th birthday, she says that the old-fashioned undergarment changed her life. She was inspired by the corset to delve deeper into wearing women's fashions from the Victorian age, and began to dress that way exclusively. Whoa! Isn't it strange how people find odd things more compatible than the usual bunch?

A man living like a dog


Gary Matthews, a retired technology worker thinks that he is a dog. The 48-year-old wears a dog collar, eats dog food from a bowl — his favorite is Pedigree – and loves milk bones and dog cookies. He even barks, chases cars, and digs for bones in the backyard like any other canine. I wonder if he will have puppies instead of babies, later on. He even has a ‘name’; Boomer the Dog.

A man spent 26 years travelling with a Crucifix


60-year-old Lindsay Hamon has spent the past 26 years of his life hauling a giant crucifix all around the world and talking about Jesus to anyone who will listen. He has literally carried his faith on his shoulders, trekking across 19 countries including New Zealand, Romania, India, and Sri Lanka. During the course of his amazing journey he has had some truly spectacular moments, as well as some pretty rough ones.

A woman dreams to be paralyzed


A 57-year-old chemist from Salt Lake City, Utah, Chloe Jennings-White has an unnatural desire to become a paraplegic (paralyzed from the waist down). Chloe lives the life of a disabled person. She moves around in a wheelchair and wears long leg braces that lock at the knee to enable her to ambulate with crutches. But when she needs to go up or down a flight of stairs, she simply stands up, removes her braces, and walks like a normal person. Wham! And everyone gets shocked.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? I can't believe how these people do it but well, it’s true. These people have been on interviews, and spoken about their unusual lifestyles every now and then. Inspired? What's your bizarre lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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