Quirky WhatsApp hacks for a smarter utilization of this app


Along with our cell phones, the world around us has also turned smart. Undoubtedly, we live in a digital era. Communication has evolved so much that instead of meet and greet, we prefer to ping or ring, nowadays. We have plenty of applications and sites for social communication; Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and the list goes on.

Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever.

And once you start using one of these online socializing platforms, you realize that there is a substantial lack of a manual. Indeed, they lack a manual. 'WhatsApp' which is the most downloaded messenger, is being used approx. by 70 per cent of the world population. It is not merely an application; it is an online communication portal which allows you to connect with your loved ones. But you would be surprised to know how much this application is capable of. Well! Here are some quirky 'WhatsApp' hacks which you should know if you don't:

Send message without typing

Quirky Whatsapp hacks for a smarter utilization of this app

In case you are walking or driving and you find it difficult to type a message, WhatsApp has got you covered here. You can send messages on WhatsApp using the voice assistant on your phone and it supports both Google Assistant and Siri. To do that, users can call out “Ok Google” or "Hey Siri" to launch the respective assistant and say the following phrase, “Send a message to on WhatsApp”. It will then ask you to dictate the message. Once you have dictated the message, the assistant will ask you to confirm sending the messages

Hear private voice memes

Quirky Whatsapp hacks for a smarter utilization of this app

Suppose you get a voice message from someone but you don’t have a headphone with you, what will you do? It might get dicey to listen to it on a speaker as people around you will also be listening in on your private message. Do not worry there’s a hack for solving this problem. You just have to play the voice message and place your phone right on your ear, as if you are taking a call. The proximity sensor will activate and instead of playing the message through speakers, it will play the message on your earpiece, so that only you can hear it.

Create your very own GIFs

You can even create a GIF inside WhatsApp itself. Record a video of six seconds or less and WhatsApp will automatically give you an option to trim the clip. At the top right corner, change the format from video to GIF by tapping on the slider. Keep in mind that you will only get the option to create gif when your video is lesser than 6 seconds long.

Change text font

Quirky Whatsapp hacks for a smarter utilization of this app

Now you can format your text while sending messages on WhatsApp. You can change the font of your text, by using grave accent (`) character 3 times before and after your text. The character can be accessed by iPhone users on their phones by long pressing on the apostrophe, while the Android keyboard features it on the second page of symbols.

Make your text bold, italics or strike through

Quirky Whatsapp hacks for a smarter utilization of this app

You can make your text bold, just add a star (*) and for italics add an underscore (_), at the start and end of the line or word. For example, writing *bold* will make it bold and _italics_ will make it italics. You can also add ~ at the start and the end to create strike-through for a text. See the pictures for more clarity.

These above listed ‘WhatsApp’ hacks are designed for easy accessibility and usage. Therefore, read and share these tricks for a smarter utilization of ‘WhatsApp’. 

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