Some healthy lifestyle habits to ensure a good vision: Eye Care Regime!


The whole process of communication begins with the sensory system of the human body. As we all know, that there are five sense organs in our bodies which are eyes, ears, tongue, nose and the skin. We receive electrical signals which are later translated in our brains as different senses. 

Animals often use their eyes as a tool for communication which is beautiful

But have you ever wondered which one is the most important sensory-organ (among the above listed five senses)? It is the sense of vision or our eyes. Well! Everyone requires a functional pair of eyeballs to witness the beauty of nature. And having perfect eyesight is indeed a boon, if anything. The lifestyles of individuals have completely changed with the changing time. There are numerous screens from your cell phones to theatre screens which are making your eyes exhausted and weak.

In order to ensure that you have healthy eyesight throughout your life, here are some simple lifestyle habits which you must adapt to keep your eyes healthy:

Check it up!

Most of the vision related problems do not occur in a single day. And with time, the vision related problems or disorders may even become worse. For instance, Glaucoma is also another asymptomatic eye disorder which means that it won't show any symptoms in the first 10, 20 or 30 years of an individual's life. Hence, it is very important for you to get your eyesight checked up once in a year.

Vision's history

This may sound a little awkward at first but you must know about the history of your family’s eyesight and related disorders. It is important because our body reflects a lot of traits from the gene-pool. Therefore, to predict the future status of your eyesight you must keep a track of the history of your family’s vision.

Eat for the eye

Vitamin A & E are very important for preserving your eyesight and providing adequate nutrition to your eyes. You must follow and eat a healthy diet which consists of a lot of vitamins and nutrients for keeping your eyesight healthy and stable. Make sure that you eat enough greens for preserving your sense of vision.

Workout for your eyes

Whether eyes or any other part of the body, it is very important to stay physically active throughout your life for ensuring better blood flow and functioning in your body. Once you start putting on weight, it will just make you lazier and will prompt you for cutting off further physical activities.

Avoid Sunlight

Natural sunlight provides us with Vitamin D which is in many ways helpful for our body. Earlier, sunlight was a medium to rejuvenate your body with enriched sunbath. But now with the depleting Ozone layer, sunlight is more a package of harmful radiations which will hardly do any good to your body. In fact, the UV rays which reaches Earth’s atmosphere along with the sunlight is harmful for your eyes and may lead to permanent damage.

No smoke

Smoking is the major cause of Glaucoma as the cigarette smoke consists of hundreds of dangerous toxins which often damage the optic nerve. Hence, you must try to prevent any contact of your eyes with smoke. Whether passive or direct, smoking can take a major toll on your sense of vision

The above listed lifestyle habits may not bring any sudden change in the condition of your eyesight but will surely have long-term advantages. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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