Some highlights from Rap star Drake's rollercoaster-like life!


2013 hit single "Started from the bottom" star Drake is an official rap-star. This Toronto-born rapper has crossed every benchmark set by previous rap-legends. Form back to back hit singles to numerous Grammy Awards, Drake has won a ton of hearts throughout the world.

Started from the bottom, now he's here!

With his meaningful rap, bold beats and sassy style, Drake is on the top of the rapping-world. Undoubtedly, half of the world is filled with his fans. But do Drake-fans know enough about this rap star? Half Jew and half American, Drake was born in a musical family and has gone through a lot during his early days for achieving the success he has today.

Well! Here are some unknown highlights from Rap star Drake's rollercoaster-like life:

Half Jew

Not many would know that this American rapper is originally half Jew and half American. His father was an African-American while his mother was white and Jew. Although, Drake always mentioned that being a black Jew has taught him a lot of things one of which is to stay strong.

Song for Rhianna

We all know about the on and off relationship of this rapper with singer Rhianna. But not many would know that the song "Views from 6" of his album "Views" was actually dedicated to the love of his life, Rhianna.

Rivalry with Chris Brown

Both Drake and singer Chris Brown are known to have feelings for female singer Rhianna which also made them both a rival. In 2012, their rivalry came into light when violence broke out at a nightclub in New York. 

Started from the Bottom

Drake actually started from the bottom and many of his are aware of the fact that his song by the same name, 'Started from the Bottom' is a reflection of his early life struggle.

Record Broker

We all know that this rapper is always on the top of the Billboards. However, not many would know that he has broken the record of the king of Pop, Michael Jackson. In October 2016, Drake broke a record for the most American Music Award Nominations. His 13 nominations broke the record 11 held by Michael Jackson since 1984. 

Isn't his career as smashing as his songs? Indeed, they are. So, what are you waiting for? Start commenting your favorite Drake song below. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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