Learn some inspirational things from Roger Federer's life


There is no doubt that Roger Federer is an original. He does what he loves and has designed his life that way. Though he will always have his legendary position in the history of lawn tennis, still he is calm and a very modest personality. Federer is the lngest reigning No. 1 tennis player, and there is no doubt that there will be anyone better than him

If you're great at only one thing, make it everything!

Federer walks to the beat of his own drum. He is driven by his personal values and this, in turn, makes him a different kind of champion. He is not a superhero, but he surely he is a superhuman. Let's know what makes him stand out of all the others:


Roger is the most elegant player in tennis. The way he handles himself and looks all relaxed and unhurried in the midst of all the speed and intense pressure, is applaud-able! And even though the game has changed--it is so much more about muscle power and equipment today--Federer remains true to his style and continues to win by being himself.

Grows with the game

There are five years between Federer's 2012 and 2017 Wimbledon Grand Slam. He didn't give up, but stayed under the shadow of Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic. He has lost many times to Nadal, his "eternal tormentor", but he learnt patiently how to play against him.

Perfect balance of work and life

Even after winning tournament, Roger has created the perfect balance. When he had his knee injury, he decided to spend most of his time with his family and being in Australia and Switzerland. When he competes, his wife and their four kids stay with him. In fact, he has said that he couldn't do it without his family. Tennis is important but it is not everything.

He puts the hours in

He is not the best server, but he is surely good with the return.  Federer anticipates his opponent's return, almost intuitively, before the brain can truly process it. It is as if he sees what we cannot see. And that can only come after hours and hours of learning and practicing.

Joyous nature

What makes him stand out from everyone else, is that he plays with the pure joy. You can feel the love he has for the game while he is playing. He inspires us to have the same feeling and attitude towards our work.

An original life is one that's lived on a foundation of your own values. In that, Federer is a true original. Do you know of people who lead original lives? We're always interested in knowing about them.

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