Some must-read biographies of famous Bollywood stars which you cannot miss


Bollywood is a world of controversies and so are Bollywood celebrities. However, celebrities have started following a new trend which is presenting a peak into their lives through words. Indeed there is nothing better than weaving someone's life into words packed in a paperback.

The history of the world is but the biography of great men

As no one gives you a better insight into their lives than themselves which made biographies fly right off the shelf in no time. With a vast variety of celebrity autobiographies available in the market, it becomes extremely difficult to choose one of them.

Therefore, in order to help you decide which biography to pick this weekend here is a list of 5 biographies of famous Bollywood celebrities:

The Substance and the shadow

Dilip Kumar


Star Dilip was not only the king of tragedy but also lived his life like one. His life was surrounded by many love affairs and controversies which makes his life worth a read. If you are a fan of this veteran actor then you must go around the block to get your copy.


And Then One Day

Naseeruddin Shah


One of the most iconic stars of the Bollywood, Naseeruddin started his career as a theater actor. His life story is among the most inspiring of all. If you are thinking to read something inspirational than this is it!

You can Buy this biography here!

Prem Naam Hai Mera

Prem Chopra


The most loved bad guy of Bollywood shares a ton of lifetime experiences and priceless moments from his life through his biography titles as "Prem Naam Hai Mera" The title of the biography speaks for itself. Buy

Romancing with Life

Dev Anand


The almighty acotr Dev Anand is a man of colorful personality and a distinctive mindset. Among the first few Bollywood actors to become famous, Dev is an acting legend who unfolds many secrets related to the industry with his biography. Buy here!

An Unsuitable Boy

Karan Johar


Karan Johar, the man behind Bollywood's most reputed production house, Dharma Productions opened up about his life journey from a son of a film producer to the man he is now. He reveals many personal experiences and griefs through this one of a kind book. Buy here!

Get a peek into the life of some of the most famous names of Bollywood by reading their biographies. Stay tuned for more Bollywood related updates.

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