Some signs which prove that you spend more than required!


Earning is an important part of our lives for surviving in this competitive world and so is spending. No, spending is not essential for survival but because if we don't spend our money in an appropriate way then our savings may get affected. Not only our savings get affected due to poor spending-habits but we also start wasting resources.

A penny saved, is a penny earned.

Many people will disagree with the fact that they overspend but the fun part is that they are unaware of their worthless expenditure which takes a toll on their savings every month. Are you one of those who think that they don't overspend yet feel empty-pocketed at the end of every month? 

Well! In order to ensure whether you overspend or not, here is a list of signs which only people who overspend will relate to:

Rotten food

If you find a bunch of rotten food inside your refrigerator then it indicates that you have poor resource management skills and a habit of overspending. Yes, it is true! You must have an idea about how much food you are capable of consuming and if not, then you have poor resource management skills.


If you are a sucker for your favorite food/restaurant then unfortunately, you have a habit of overspending. Yes, the basic need of food is to provide adequate calories to our body, that’s it. You should not be an addict of any particular type of food. If you are in a habit of visiting a same restaurant once or twice a week then you are in a habit of overspending.

Unknown to the cost

If you are not aware of the cost of some basic food items then you are currently unaware of the world around you. Yes, it is a fact. You must know about the cost of every product you consume to minimize wastage. Moreover, if you are unaware about the cost of some basic food items, it shows lack of independence.

Never check the bill

No, it doesn’t reflect that you’re too cool to check your own restaurant or shopping bill. You must keep a tab on your bills so that if you plan to visit that place again for shopping or eating purposes then you must know an estimate of the bill you’re about to get.

Disappearing money

If you feel like the money from your pocket is slowly disappearing then you are not getting robbed but overspending. It shows that you are not keeping a tab of your expense or income which will do no good to your savings.

So, are you an over-spending person or not? Please share this guide with your friends and loved ones to ensure a better lifestyle for them/ for simply updating their facts. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.Follow our Bollywood Magazine For Latest Bollywood News and Gossips.

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