Swear on these smart New Year resolutions for a better future


After a pleasant and happy Christmas, it is time to welcome 2018. With just few days left it's not a bad idea to start making a to-do list for the next year. Provided, you guys stick to it and complete it, no matter what! 

A new year, a new beginning

To help you with some resolutions, here we are with five smart resolutions that will fit just fine, in the coming year. 

Be punctual while paying bills

New Year

You all must be thinking, it's easy to say but tough to do but guys, this is important! Check your past spends and work out how much you want to save each month.  Use a money management app to track your expenditure create a budget and get reminders to make your bill payments on time.

Dust off (if any) previous debts

New Year

Are you credit cards maxed out? Are you paying only the minimum due each month? Great! You're headed for financial disaster. First, keep only two credit cards with the highest credit limit. Avoid any fresh spends on your cards till dues are cleared. List all your debts, from highest to lowest and clear them in that order.

Invest in something invaluable

New  Year

Be healthy. That is the best gift you can give to yourself and your family. Cut down on wasteful spending and eating/drinking, make actual use of that gym membership, get a complete health check-up done and make it a yearly habit.

Get your certificated sorted

New  Year

It might sound boring, but you can say it is one of the most essential things one can do. It is a good idea to ensure your spouse/family is aware of your finances -- not just investments and insurance, but also debts.  Likewise, while opening a bank/demat/mutual fund account, not many pay attention to adding a nominee -- or in case of a life insurance policy, updating beneficiary from parents to spouse.

Recreation is a must

New  Year

After working your daily job, don't forget to chill. Plan mini-breaks every quarter and a full-fledged vacation once a year.

Change takes time but it is necessary. Do something that makes you happy, take up a new job or go into the unknown- all these will help you refocus and realign your goals and priorities

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