Table salt is way more dangerous for us than we think: Here's how!


Isn't it pretty common to sprinkle some salt and pepper on your food for better flavor? Yes, I also thought that it is normal until I brushed up my ‘salt-facts’. Like me, nearly 60 percent of the population agrees that it is normal for them to pour extra salt on their food. But what consequences does it have on our health? 

Unfortunately, everything that tastes good is not necessarily healthy!

Err... who wants to know the mere side-effects of pouring extra salt on your dish? Well! It is not just about gaining a few more pounds. In fact, pouring extra salt may lead to a heart-attack or even death. Are you surprised? Don't just yet be until we introduce you to the rest of the side-effects of consuming excess salt.

In order to ensure a happy and healthy life for our readers, here are five health problems which you may get due to excess consumption of salt:

Cardiac arrest

Eating excess of salt drains your blood cells off of water and hence, leads to increase blood pressure. The increased blood pressure is also a major of heart strokes and other heart related health problems. Also, as a person ages, his/her blood pressure naturally rises. Therefore, you must keep a tab on your sodium intake.

Stomach cancer

At some places, table salt is rich in nitrate which may lead to ulcer and in worst cases, even stomach cancer. Not only this, salt also damages the lining of the stomach, which makes bacterium like H.pylori easier to infect it, a major cause of stomach cancer.

Weak bones

Eating excess of salt may also rip calcium off from your bones which gets excreted with urine. And if you have been eating excess of salt and consuming a sodium-based diet then it may lead to the weakening of your skeleton structure.

Weak Kidney

Salt leads to water retention which will ultimately force your kidney to work overtime. Not only do your kidneys work overtime but also have to work double speed for flushing out the extra toxins. And hence, the blood vessels in the kidney become weak.

Disturbs metabolism

Consumption of excess salt may lead to water loss in your body which swells up your body. Young individuals who tend to consume more salt are also known to be more prone to hypertension.

Do you still feel that it is better to eat more salt than to stay healthy? Please read and share these facts with your loved ones to ensure a healthier life. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates

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