Things to keep in mind when preparing for a monsoon wedding


There's a different charm about getting married in monsoon. The fresh air and cold breeze surely makes the time and rituals worthwhile but is it always this happy? How about when you're preparing for it? What clothes to wear and the location? Monsoon wedding is beautiful but they do demand some extra attention.

The best thing in life to hold on to is each other

While you must be caught up with a zillion things happening around you, we thought of getting you a little surprise. How about we prepare an easy to do and not to do list for your fairytale monsoon wedding? There are no biggies but just small things that will surely make a great difference on your day!

So are you ready? Have a look!


Indoor wedding: Book a hotel, hall or palace -as your budget permits -but there must be a solid roof over the head of your wedding guests.

Plan a rain dance party as a pre-wedding event!

Wedding outfit should be something with the theme so opt for colours like peach, subtle gold and hues of pink.

Accessorise the wedding favours with umbrellas, cute raincoats and other rain-wear gear like flip flops.

Things NOT to-do

Monsoon wedding urges you to wear no makeup because even waterproof make-up needs constant touch ups. However, one can always bet on high quality water-proof make-up to last longer and make less of a mess.

Avoid heels and stilettos. Instead, opt for wedgies and even good old-fashioned jutties to go with your clothes.

What is a wedding without flowers? A monsoon wedding! Flowers tend to welt quickly in the humid weather, so one should avoid flower-based decorations. Instead, go for lightweight parachute material decorations such as drapes and gazebo. Even artificial flowers can be a great option.

So have a happy planning and stay tuned for more Health and Lifestyle-related updates!

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