This couple turns their wedding magical in Harry Potter theme style


Who wouldn't like a theme-based wedding? Where people mostly opt for something dreamy and fairy tale like, this couple took it a notch above by hosting a Harry Potter based wedding ceremony! 

After all this time? Always. 

This couple organized a Harry Potter theme-based sangeet, and included all the major things from the world of magic. Needless to say, they're giving us some crazy #WeddingGoals. 

Always never made more sense

Font, done right! 

An eye for details

Does Hogwarts do Honeymoon? 

Oh, here's a Goblet of Fire! 

See? They did take the theme seriously

Where there's Harry Potter, there's Dobby

Wingardium Leviosa

A guestbook with pictures of the couple inside

Under Gryffindor for sure!

Edible golden snitches! 

Someone invite me to a wedding like this already!!

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