Tips to brighten your living-space by creating an Indoor Vertical Gardens


This festive season try installing an indoor vertical garden in your adobe. I know people find different creative ways to decorate their home but this is the perfect and the most unique way to celebrate festivals in an eco-friendly manner this year.

Indoor gardens do not only protect environment but also beautify your living space and if you have small living space then you can opt for vertical gardens. Moreover, fresh plants bring fresh air as well as positive vibes.

Harpreet Ahluwalia, an expert feels that you can create your own vertical garden at home with the help of some new garden concepts like modular planting systems, hanging planters. Not only this, she has also shared some tips to celebrate these festivals with Indoor Vertical gardens with such an ease.

The first way is by framing the vertical garden. You can try this at home without any hurdle. All you need is a flat box, a wooden frame, small amount of soil, a metal mesh and a small bud of succulent. Now make a structure of photo frame from the flat box and wooden frame.

The box and the mesh hold the soil in place. Now poke the stems of the ucculent bud through the mesh into the soil. Leave the frame lying flat in a cool, bright place till the stems take root and your vertical garden is ready and it is very easy to change the plants as often as you wanted to keep it looking fresh and new.

Next option which you can opt for is by recycling the plastic bottles. It is one of the other ways you can get vertical garden at home. For this method, you would need 2-3 plastic bottles, soil, seedling, string, cardboard and a needle. You have to cut the bottles in a rectangular shape from the middle. Now, make a hole with the help of the needle on the opposite side of the bottles.

Line the inner sides of your bottle with cardboard and put some soil and seeds in it and by determining the length you can cut the strings and tie it to the bottle and place them according to your house.

You can also try Hanging vertical garden at your house as it the perfect for the festive season and for decoration purpose. You just need to have pots, soil and seeds for this method. Put the soil in the pot and then seeds or flowers whatever you like and then, hang them in balcony or as per your house interior.

The last method is, magnet the plants. This also one of the simplest and easy methods unlike others. For this you will require containers of same shape, paint, wash tape, soil and a flower plant plus magnet.

Take the containers and paint them according to your preference and then decorate it with wash tapes. Place 2-3 magnets behind the container with glue and you can easily hang these pots on any magnetic surface.

Always try to go for method which suits your home interior perfectly. You can also discover your own ways of making the vertical gardens inside your house.

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