Tips to protect your walls from dampness during the monsoon season


After months of sweltering heat, the monsoon season is indeed a welcome change for all. The rains make the surrounding greenery come alive, make everything vivid. Monsoon brings a refreshing petrichor in the air, but with rains also comes the grey and dreary atmosphere impacting not only the exteriors but also the interiors of one’s house.

Monsoons brings relief from the burning summers

In the cold dusty damp weather of the monsoon season, the walls get the most affected during the season. The colour of the walls accentuates the look of a house but every year in the monsoon season it leave the walls and shabby of the houses.

As basic structural element for any home, it is necessary to protect the walls. During monsoons, one of the simple ways to keep the interiors safe is to keep the exteriors intact.

Reasons for damage

The primary reason for damage to the interior wall is the inferior quality paint used on the exterior of the property. Concrete allows water and moisture to seep in, which ultimately gets collected within the wall. This leads to a build-up and creates damp patches along the interior wall surface.

Further, the wall paint may start to peel or develop blisters. In the longer run, this tends to become a breeding ground for algae and fungus. The choice of exterior paint is crucial as it protects the external wall by preventing rain water and moisture from entering the concrete. It should be well-equipped to fight the vagaries of the weather.

To prevent the damp patchiness, it should be treated with proper solution.

Here are few tips to protect your walls in the monsoon:

One should thoroughly check walls, windows and ceilings for any leakages or cracks. A burgeoning crack in the wall could be the result of compromising on the quality of the paint that does not offer any protection against water, consequently leading to leakages. A simple way to escape this is to guard your house from the ill-effects of rain by choosing paints with water-proof technologies. Waterproof paints work as a protective layer on the walls.

Apart from Waterproof paints, Primer paints are also a good investment during this time as they prevent alkali and efflorescence attacks. Primers also prohibit the formation of salt (white) patches on walls.

Roof tiles get the most affected during the season and should be treated with a solution to close gaps and prevent leaks. Tiles can also be protected with a coat of active water repellent technology.

Monsoon also brings with it a lot of dust, which can be inhibited by using clear paints for exterior. Clear paints with silicone technologies serve the dual purpose of preventing the accumulation of dust along with curbing water absorption by making the surface non-porous.

Use light cotton curtains instead of heavy fabrics that complement the wall paint colours. These will let maximum sunlight into the house, while also allowing in the breeze and cross ventilation.

Make sure that electrical appliances like lamps and switches that are close to windows and doors are secured and kept dry.

Monsoon means muddy shoes so get a vibrant or funky doormat at the entrance or outside the house to keep out the mud that this season brings in.

Enjoy the beauty of the rains from your spruced up home!

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