To be or not to be, Dan Bilzerian!


With over 22 million Instagram followers, professional American poker player Dan Bilzerian is among the most popular celebrities these days. From eight-digit poker bets to the loudest weapons, Dan is living his life at the best. Undoubtedly, Dan is living the most envious life on this planet. He has celebrity friends, private jets, endless guns, exotic vehicles and what not.

My greatest fear is that someone will break in & I won't be able to decide what gun to shoot them with

Where everyone is bragging about his wealth and lustrous lifestyle, very few or none are curious about his past. Well! In order to reveal the other side of Dan Bilzerian, we hereby provide some rare facts related to this controversial poker player:

Bad Daddy

To be or not to be, Dan Bilzerian!

The stepping stone of his extravagant lifestyle and ambition was laid down by his father Paul Bilzerian. Dan’s father, Paul served in the Vietnam War for United States of America. After serving in the war, for which he received a Bronze medal amongst few more, Paul did a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Stanford University in 1975. The same year, Paul got himself enrolled in the Harvard Business School and started his career as a corporate takeover specialist. His father was a successful corporate but the life of Bilzerian’s turned upside down when Paul was convicted of securities and tax laws violations relating to unsuccessful takeover attempts of various companies in the 1980s. Accounting to which Paul had to go to prison leaving behind two children; Dan and Adam.

Bilzerian Brothers

To be or not to be, Dan Bilzerian!

Well! Most of us know Dan, the famous poker player, playboy who lives a lavish life. Actually Dan is just half a part of ‘Flying Bilzerian Brothers’. As stated above Paul Bilzerian had two sons; Dan and Adam. Both of them are equally passionate towards sports and most of all winning. Dan and Adam both participated in 2009 World Series of Poker where they performed relentlessly.  It was then when Norman Chad himself nicknamed this duo as the ‘Flying Bilzerian Brothers’. This was the beginning of Bilzerian’s poker career.


To be or not to be, Dan Bilzerian!

Do you know Zeus? Oh well! If you are a Bilzerian fan than you definitely know ‘Zeus’. ‘Gentleman of poker’, Dan has some really weird friends. And for those of you who don’t know, one of the closest pal of Dan is Zeus. Dan has a pet goat, ‘Zeus’. No Kidding. And don’t be surprised just yet. Another mind boggling fact is that this pet goat travels on his private jets and has more girlfriends than Shreyas Talpade. This goat is living a better life than most of us, indeed.

Guns and Roses

To be or not to be, Dan Bilzerian!

King of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian has a thing for girls and guns. It is highly evident by his social media accounts which are full of girls with guns, girls with jets, girls with guns and jets, girls with money, guns and jets and more girls. Do you see a pattern here? Yes, Dan loves fine legs and big bangs. His love for guns and roses is all over his photo gallery which is equally loved by his fans. Not everyone is advised to live such a lifestyle after three consecutive heart failures but Dan.

These four corners of Dan’s life will not give a complete insight to his extravagant lifestyle but will surely help you in knowing the fact that everything needs to be earned. And nothing is for free in this world, not even a goat.


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