Top 7 tricks for enjoying *Diwali special* food without hampering your health!


The greatest festival of Hindus is just around the corner and Indians are completely occupied with the preparation of Diwali-celebrations. From decorating our homes to buying sweets and clothes for the family; Festival of lights calls for a lot of hard work before celebrations.

Also, a major part of Diwali celebrations is the savoury food which includes tons of Bengali sweets and high-cholesterol fried munchies and what not. And often indulging in such food items lead to stomach related problems and obesity.

As we all know, it is as difficult to lose weight as it is to gain weight. Therefore in order to make sure that you stay healthy and happy even after indulging in mouth-watering sweets and delicacies of Diwali celebration, we have compiled a fruitful list of tricks which won't let that happen:

Trick 1

An individual must maintain an active lifestyle, especially is he/she is about to indulge in a festive supper. Maintaining an active daily routine will help in digestion and will work wonders for your metabolism. So, make sure that you go for a walk around the block for proper digestion and metabolism.

Trick 2

This trick involves drinking plenty of water. As we all know, there are plenty of fried snacks and sugary sweets in Diwali parties. Therefore, an individual mustn’t forget to drink plenty of water during a festival season. Water will help in regulating your body temperature and as well as your digestion system.

Trick 3

This trick refers to the importance of the most important meal of the day i.e., breakfast. As Diwali celebration takes place during evening, there are chances that you will over-eat during the evening and sustain on a light breakfast. Well, that must not be the case. Always make sure that eat a healthy and lumpy meal for breakfast, especially during a festive season.

Trick 4

This trick refers to the healthy alternatives of conventional, high-calorie festival food. We are talking about replacing normal ladoos with natural home-cooked dry-fruit ladoos and others. Instead of frying your favorite snack, an individual must opt for baked snacks as they have low in calories.

Trick 5

Besides sweets, snacks and traditional main-course, you must make sure of eating plenty of fiber. Therefore, make sure that your daily meal contains enough salad for ensuring a fiber-rich diet. Fiber helps in digestion and regulation of digestion system.

Trick 6

This trick is about controlling hard-drinks. Besides soft-drinks, Diwali calls for an occasion of heavy-drinking. During this time of the year, families invite guests for a small get-together and chilling. Hence, it is very important to keep a tab on your alcohol intake as excess consumption of alcohol may affect your health in various ways.

Trick 7

Always make sure to consume a light-snack before going to a party or indulging in alcohol. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach has a severe affect on your liver. Also, eating a deep-fried/heavy food item on an empty stomach may hinder your intestines.

See! It is that easy to maintain a good health while enjoying your favorite snack during festive season. Stay healthy, happy and tuned for more health and lifestyle related facts.

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