Types of people you meet at a music festival


What is a music festival, you would ask? No, it is not (just) a rave party or a live concert. From music festival, we meant a festival dedicated only to a specific genre of music and endless celebration. Tomorrowland and Ozora are some examples of a music festival.

Music connects!

Both of the above mentioned festivals take place on a global scale and therefore, the type of people you meet there are completely wicked, new and exciting (as some would say). There are of course hipsters, booze-heads, head-bangers and a lot more.


Well! Here are the types of people which you would see at a music festival:

Heavy Drinker


You would definitely bump into a girl/boy/both who is facing difficulty in holding his/her drink and there you are watching a 'heavy drinker'. Even if that person could not hold his/her drink, stop drinking is never an option for them. It won't be wrong to say that they visit a music festival because there was no decent drinking place in his/her neighborhood.

Head Banger


Do you see people mindlessly banging there head to literally everything (even if the DJ sneezes)? You found yourself a head banger. They can bang there head to literally anything and from anything we meant the next song announcement. Either they are heavily doped or a nickle less in the head.

Muscle Show


There would be this one guy in the crowd who is full of protein shake and is flaunting huge muscles in a tank top or bare-chested. That guy right there, ladies and gentleman, is a 'muscle show'. Such guys are the perfect example of all-show yet no-go!



It is highly likely for you to make random friends at a music festival. Why? Random-ers are the ones who are to be blamed for this. It is that category of people who will randomly befriend people at a music festival. Well! We do not see any harm in that.

Over-Romantic Couple


When you visit a music festival, you are bound to see tons of couples enjoying and chilling at the festival. However, after some time (when the booze kicks-in) you would encounter this one couple which cannot help but to kiss each other. There, right there is an over-romantic couple which is all up for PDA.


And many others! Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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