Undo your hangover with these 5 amazing hacks


Majority of us love partying like there's no tomorrow. Most of us, drink like a fish and then, wake up with a bad headache. You're feeling the burn of last night's vices and you're smoke to the bone.

One Tequila! Two Tequila! Three Tequila! Floor…!

There's no shame in saying it, but hangovers are the worst and only if, there was a way to ease the pain. Apparently, there is! Here, we have listed a few easy remedies, which will make you feel better after a night of excess, in no time! Read along:

Go H2O


Alcohol dehydrates the system, so the first thing you need after waking up is a big ol' bottle of water.

Eat healthy


Have eggs, bread and bananas, It'll help maintain your blood sugar levels.

Sleep like there's no tomorrow


Apart from ensuring adequate sleep before you drank, give yourself time to recover from drinking by getting a good 8-10 hours of shut-eye after.

Ginger your tea


Skip the milk. But ginger, with its anti-nausea properties, can really help with the comedown. It's also good for the liver apparently.



Strangely enough, a study in the journal Food and Function found that Sprite helps the body better metabolize alcohol by speeding up our ability to process aldehyde dehydrogenase, which is believed to majorly contribute to hangovers.

If none of the above mentioned tricks work, then leave everything and pray for redemption. XOXOXOXO! Kindly stay tuned for more health and lifestyle related updates.

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