Use these four splendid Vastu tricks to redecorate your home


When it comes to literal translation of the originally Sanskrit word, 'vastu' it refers to 'home'. And hence, term 'Vastu-Shastra' refers to 'home-science'. It is a science which refers to the process of rearranging five elements of life; air, water, earth, fire and land.

Home is where family and heart is.

Well if you are wondering what are the effects of rearranging these five elements around your home then let us aware you that there have been some significant changes observed in the lives of people who stay in a home arranged as per the Vastu-Shastra. Unlike many, not all have the opportunity to design their homes right from the ground. In this busy world, people often opt to buy a pre-built apartment or building for residential purposes.

Here is a list of four decor hacks inspired by 'Vastu-Shastra':

Fire element


Evidently, a balanced Feng Shui fire element in your home will bring joy, excitement and strong energies. Fire has always been known to represent the energy of sun and life. Therefore, you must use color red with most moderation in children's rooms, and freely in the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.

Light trick


There must be U-shaped lights in your room so that they appear like a bright smile. And it works too! Such decorating lights will help lighten up the atmosphere of your home. Try to decorate at eye-level to lift the vibe of the room and the mood of those in it.

Family Forever


According to the Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra, wood is associated with friends and family.  And wood is also considered prosperous when used to decorate your house-interior. You can put a picture of your family and friends with you in a wooden frame. It allows for feelings of closeness, intimacy and welcoming.

Candles Bliss


Candles play an important role in invoking the energy of purification and inspiration inside your room. Candles bring a creative and vibrant quality of energy to any space. Using candles in the Feng Shui areas of south, southwest, northeast and the centre of your home may help you relieve stress.

These above listed tricks are some of the basic elements of Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra but are relentlessly helpful for creating a positive atmosphere inside your home.

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