Use these wonderful tips for a More Efficient Sleep-Routine


One of the most complex machinery in this universe is human body created by the best inventor of all time, Almighty God. And like every other machinery, human body also requires some certain resources to provide power for its mechanisms. Those 'resources' include air, water, food, exercise, excretion and rest excluding the minor necessities of our body.

But first, sleep.

And the most important requirement of our body which enables proper functioning without any break-down is rest or sleep. It has been found that people who have an inadequate sleep routine are likely to live for a shorter life-span than those who get adequate amount of sleep, once or twice a day. Evidently, it is also very important to get sufficient sleep-hours for a better physical as well as mental health.

Here are some wonderful tips which will surely make your sleep-routine more efficient:

Old-School sleep trick


Do you remember the old-school concept of ‘bed time’ stories which has been making every kid fall asleep since ages? Not only will the narrations transport you to lands of mystery and Utopian countries, but they will easily drift you off to the world of slumber as well. Try this technique once again to reassure yourself. Listen to stories or audio books as you tuck in and let your brain relax for a good night's sleep. There are tons of podcasts and services such as Amazon's Audible that you can use for this purpose.

Mattress it right!


One of the many reasons for your sleepless nights could be an uncomfortable mattress. The best way to address this trouble is to switch to a comfortable mattress that allows you to submerge in deep sleep and wake up in the morning without aches and pains. Look for a mattress that provide complete spine support and are designed keeping ergonomics in mind. Enjoy the compressed relaxation that the memory foam offers, which will make you feel that you have slept for a longer duration of time.

Warm lights


Red is considered as a warm color while blue is considered cold. It's imperative to create a calming ambiance in your room to get the best quality of sleep. Block all the blue lights emitted from screens of cell phones, computers, tablets, televisions and other gadgets in your bedroom.

White noise hack


It is not wrong to say that a city never sleeps but you need to. And it often happens that whenever we try to sleep, traffic noises and other unnecessary voices disturb our sleep. The best way to ignore all these external disturbances during sleep time is to listen to white noise. White noise is an ambient noise produced digitally combining different sounds like rustling leaves, rumbling waterfall, etc. White noise works in the background and drowns out other disturbing sounds of traffic, snoring, etc. White noise has the ability to relax you and induce sleep.

Lemon for your rooms


In case you are prone to allergies or suffer from asthma or cold and find it difficult to catch good sleep, then simply cut a lemon and place it next to your bedside table. This will not only leave a fresh citrus scent in your room but will also help you breathe better and sleep well.

Be upside-down


Head stand/turning the body upside down is not an easy task. However, a headstand will supply enriched oxygenated blood to the brain cells and ward off all depressive thoughts. This exercise if done regularly can beat any kind of sleep disorder

These tricks will not only ensure extended sleep hours but will also enrich the quality of your sleep time so that your body gets adequate amount of rest and functions properly.

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