Want to lose weight? 6 Best meals for breakfast


Do you want to lose weight? Are you also waiting to fit into the 'slim-category' of clothes? Well, the effort required for losing weight is never enough. But if you consume adequate amount of calories and are ready to burn those extra-kilos then losing weight isn't as tough as it might feel.

Happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Also, if you consume the right meal during breakfast then it may also help you in losing weight. In a nutshell, breakfast is important because it helps in boosting metabolism and giving your body the much needed dose of nutrients to carry out vital functions.

Therefore, by switching your 'desi-ghee' parathas with the below mentioned breakfast meals may help you in maintaining an efficient metabolism and staying slim. Let us show you 6 best breakfast meals that will help you in losing weight:

Sprouts Salads

As you already know that sprouts contain plenty of fibre which ensures an effective metabolism. And the high-content proteins found in sprouts will provide sufficient nutrients to your body. Therefore, a sprout salad must be consumed as a part of breakfast for staying healthy and slim.


Oatmeal is considered as a slow-release carbohydrate which helps in regulating your calorie intake. Rich in fibre, oatmeal is a complete breakfast which doesn't require any further additions to the meal.


Berries including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are low in calories but rich in nutrients. Eating berries with a bowl full of oatmeal will ensure fewer intakes of calories and will help in losing weight.

Melons Salad

Melons including watermelon and others are a great source of water and tons of fiber. Therefore, a bowl full of melons is always the perfect choice of breakfast.


Eating seeds may not sound fulfilling but let us assure you that seeds including flaxseeds, chia and sunflower seeds are filled with essential fats. Fats found in the above mentioned seeds will help in kick-starting your day. Moreover, flaxseeds are rich in soluble-fiber that helps with digestion.

Fruits & Nuts

A bowl full of colourful fruits and crispy nuts along with yoghurt will provide you with all the fiber and nutrients that you need to start your day. Nuts contain plenty of soluble-fats and fruits will provide you with sufficient vitamins.

See, it is not as difficult to control your excess hunger as you thought it would be. Eat the above mentioned meals as your breakfast for starting your day on a brighter note and staying slim.

Please share your views in the comment’s section below. And stay tuned for more health and lifestyle related updates.

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