Watch out: Your poor lifestyle may lead to Breast Cancer


In this era where success is being overpowered by cut throat competition and what is hiking is not the salary but the levels of stress and work pressure, the most affected is the lifestyle of people. With these changing lifestyle habits, what lags behind is our concern for our health. One of the most common diseases which are spreading like fire in the forest is Breast Cancer.

Be a survivor, warrior and a fighter, Breast Cancer can’t win the battle

Cancer cells have not limited themselves to mouth, lung, bones or cervix, they have come down to breast too. Breast Cancer has become the most common forms of cancer in both urban as well as rural areas. Earlier cervical cancer used to the most common form of cancer in women but now breast cancer seems to be following the lead.

So, here are some major lifestyle-flaws which may lead to  breast Cancer:

Lack of physical activity

There was a time when playing for kids meant outdoor games but in today’s time these games have confined themselves to cell phones and computers. People have nowadays started adoring their couches and beds more than parks and gyms. This laid back attitude of people refrains them from being physically active. This is what the main reason for weight gain is, causing the body to produce and circulate more estrogen and insulin. Both these hormones are responsible for the stimulation of cancer growth in the body. Sweating out these intoxicants that are consumed by people in this polluted, fast-paced world is therefore very important. 

Alcohol and smoking

With the increasing levels of stress and work pressure, our dependency on alcohol and smoking also increases. People find alcohol and smoking one of the ways to release tensions. It might give you a short term relief but in the long term, it can cause you diseases like Breast Cancer. For all those sacrificing their nights for work, know how to balance your schedule for a healthier life as this irregular pattern of work, late nights and long working hours might lead to cancer in the later stage of your life if not right now.

Long night-shifts at work

As per the survey conducted with 300 women, some of the women who worked late at night for 30 or more years were twice as likely to have developed Breast Cancer as compared to those who didn’t work late nights.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and contraceptive pills

Our body reacts negatively to every abnormal change in it and positively to every ongoing natural process. Abnormal treating of unwanted pregnancy by contraceptive pills or menopausal symptoms by viral popular HRT can be a major threat to your health.

Other causes

Few things that we use in our daily routine without knowing that they can also be a major cause of the disease are deodorants and perfumes, underwired bras. Abortion and breast implants too lead to the disease as your body is being treated artificially.

Do go for regular cancer checkups and also notice the abnormal changes taking place in your body as if you can’t prevent cancer, you can still cure it at an early age. Keep a check on your habits and lifestyle to ensure a healthy living.  Your body is the place where you have to live, take proper care of it. Stay tuned for more health and lifestyle related updates

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