Ways to Embrace Your Lancet with Creativity


A lancet or window is a very impactful part of your home decor, as accepted by experts. Where a large glass window with modern slides will add futuristic and elegant vibes to your room, a medium-sized, wooden window with silk curtains will create a calm and positive environment.

If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade.

Well! You may now be thinking that silk curtains or automatic window slides might cost you a fortune. Therefore, here are some creative ways of redecorating your window frame without digging a hole in your pocket:

Wall Arts

Ways to Embrace Your Lancet with Creativity

In order to add charm to the walls near windows, you can use some wall decor items like wall arts which are available in various colors, prints, patterns and sizes. You may opt for floral patterns and embellished wall arts for festive celebrations

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Enchanting Lanterns

Ways to Embrace Your Lancet with Creativity

Another best way to add a vintage touch to your space is by adding lanterns or other vintage handcrafts. Whether you have a modern house or a cozy space, lanterns always add that much needed charm. All you need to do is hang a few lanterns near the windows with fairy lights or candles to add a warm enchanting touch.

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Wall Hangings

Ways to Embrace Your Lancet with Creativity

This festive season, choose to go a little quirky with wall hangings that are a little out of the box yet add to the vibe of the room. You may opt for tasseled and embroidered, sequined or in pastel shades will make your room look brighter and more vibrant. 

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Light Hack

Ways to Embrace Your Lancet with Creativity

Hanging garden ceiling lights, keeping faux planters or beautiful flower vase may bring in a touch of green to your home. Flowers are always a delight and to keep them near the windows will be the ideal choice to give your house a more natural outlook.

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These hacks are specifically designed to redecorate your walls for providing a more vibrant atmosphere in your home.

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