Ways to maintain a balance between freedom and responsibilities during college!


A student has to face many difficulties before being considered as educated or a literate person. These difficulties include hormonal changes, assignments, exams, peer pressure, parental pressure, financial management and many more. And hence, life of a student is not easy (especially in India).

Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.

All of the above listed hurdles in the life of a student lead to the build-up of loads of stress which is extremely dangerous. Stress will decrease their academic performance as well as their physical health. So, what are the ways for living a peaceful and tension-free student-life, you would ask. Well! The key is management; management of time, money, freedom and responsibilities. However today, management of freedom and responsibilities are our major concerns.

Therefore, we provide you some clever ways to maintain a balance between freedom and responsibilities during college days:


Self-assessment is a technique of self-questioning for being a better judge of situations which one faces while living independently. Self-assessment is very important for rectifying your weaknesses and preventing mistakes. With the help of self-assessment skills, you will never ignore your responsibilities and will enjoy your freedom simultaneously.

Know your goals

Set goals for yourself but make sure that your goals are not long-termed and are rational as per your capabilities. Setting goals like completing an assignment or preparing for one chapter will motivate you towards a more productive path. Knowing your goals will ensure that all of your responsibilities are taken care of before managing free/leisure time.

Avoid bad company

Every student must avoid bad company as any type of bad influence might have a poor impact on your studies which one of your major responsibilities. Another reason to avoid kids who are more inclined to destructive activities like drinking, smoking and skipping classes, is that such bad company might ruin a student’s freedom by indulging into bad-habits/activities.

Appreciate freedom

Yes, it is very important to stay alert. You must wisely celebrate and save your freedom because if you are using your freedom to skip classes and drink endlessly then I’m afraid to say but you are wasting your freedom. If you are wise enough then you must appreciate your freedom and utilize it by exploring beautiful places and indulging into productive activities like swimming, cycling, etc.

Be truthful to self

It is very important for every human being to be honest. You must be honest to others and as well as to yourself. You must tell yourself the truth about your actual situations. For example, there would be a time when your friends want you to sponsor some alcohol or a smoke when you don’t have enough money. Instead of being dishonest to yourself and spending all the money you have, you must reveal the truth to yourself and to others that there is not enough money for wasting on booze.

The above listed points are just some of the ways to ensure that you never sacrifice your responsibilities and appreciate your freedom during your college-life by taking the correct decisions and following a productive living standard. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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