Yoga: Our ancestor’s asset for a healthy-life


You must know the fact that, today there are various means of lifestyle exercises with so many heavy machines, some of them being too expensive to grab on to. But there are various other easy ways to stay healthy, let’s look back to how our grandparents maintained their healthy lifestyle when there were no luxury items to flaunt.

Everything has a reason of its existence!

During the times of our great grandparents, lifestyle was limited. There were no fitness trainer like we have now, that’s a bummer. But how did they manage to look their best? Well, I’d give my votes to the healthy eating and drinking routine.

Earlier, the only source of staying healthy was by doing the regular things and never straining muscles. Where do you think yoga came from huh? Stringing from one generation to another, this small act strengthening muscles kept our parents active and energized all day. Check out the evergreen Bollywood divas for instance.

Today, we all have adapted to the simple means of exercise to stay fit and light-hearten. In fact, even the film actors do various ad campaigns to promote yoga as a basic home lifestyle. Let’s hear it from celebrity trainer Abaas Ali himself.

As per the reports, "Go back to where we all started. Add more functionality to have a healthy body. India, as an organic and active functional country, changed from good to bad in 20 years. Do what your parents and grandparents did. Sleep on time, wake up on time, eat your meals on time and dance in your comfort zone."

So, what do you think about this ancestral form of lifestyle? Stay tuned for more health and lifestyle related updates.

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