You can never imagine the everyday hustle of a single mother: Here's how!


No job is as difficult as parenting a child or two. This job gets even more difficult when you are a single parent. Well! Many people might not relate to our today's lifestyle topic except some unfortunate ones. You would be surprised to know that despite literacy and modernization, Indians are still bounded by orthodoxies.

Independence is happiness!

One of the orthodoxies which have been degrading our society is 'male chauvinism'. And due to this orthodoxy, women face many difficulties throughout their life. Where a woman is only seen as a home-maker, there are few who believe in taking charge of their own life. Similarly, there are a ton of problems being faced everyday in the life of a single mom. The daily hustle of a single mother in upbringing her kid/kids in a male-dominant society and simultaneously working for earning bread is beyond our imagination.

Here are some real-life struggles faced by a single mother in a male-dominant society:

Lack of support

It is quite obvious that irrespective of being a man or woman, everyone needs a support pillar in their life to fall back on. From support, we meant not only financially but also emotionally and physically.  However, a single mother often lacks a support-pillar in their life which affects their decision-making mechanism and leads to nervousness.  

Home or office or both!

For a single mother, it often gets difficult to maintain a balance between office and home. Half of the times, office leads to stress and half of the time, things get complicated at home. So, the only thing which is consistent in a single mother’s life is stress. We would advise all the fighter moms out there to be a little more patient.

Societal norms

In a typical Indian society, single mothers are not supported instead people like to point of fingers and make baseless judgments on the current state of such women. But little do they know about the hustle a single has to go through due to their orthodoxies.

Unsatisfied Kids

When a woman who is a single mother starts working independently and tries to manage her family and home at the same time, kids often felt left out. And it is not even on wrong the kid’s part. Every kid has the right to spend sufficient time with their parents/parent but not all are fortunate enough. As there are only 24 hours in a day even for the single mothers, it might get tricky to satisfy the family. Hence, try to communicate more and more with your loved ones/kids and try to spend as much time with them as possible.

We bet, every single mother is able to relate with the above listed problems. However, not all the problems can be eliminated from independent women’s life but many can be rectified by managing the time and priorities correctly. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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