You cannot miss these basic dining table etiquette


We Indians, live to eat. We're the most foodie people, anyone can ever meet. And oh, when we have our favorite dish in front of us, don't even ask what happens then. *DO NOT JUDGE!*

Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food

Globally speaking, the dining table etiquettes have evolved over the centuries making the practice of eating with others more pleasant and sociable. With so many new things, it's hard to keep track.

So, here's a list of few dining table etiquette that we all should never forget!

Never start the meal before the presence of the host.

Manners, Dining table

Never forget to pass both salt and pepper together even if someone asked for one of them.

 Manners, Dining Table

Always keep your mouth closed while eating.

 Manners, Dining Table

Keep your mobile phone away from the table.

 Manners, Dining Table

Avoid placing your elbows on the dining table.

 Manners, Dining Table

Always try and match your eating pace with others.

 Manners, Dining Table

Thank the host before you leave.

 Manners, Dining Table

Basic stuff guys! Want to add more to the list? Please share with us in the comments below.

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