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6 benefits of being in a long-distance relationship

by , Monday, May 07, 2018

Yes, we know long-distance relationships require a lot of hard-work. You may count many disadvantages on your fingertips, but c’mon it’s not that dangerous. You get to know each other well by meaningful conversations or simply spending some time with their group of friends or family. 

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Not many people know that being in a long-distance relationship has its strengths and upsides. Long-distance relationships can be long-lasting by taking care of a few steps. Everyone knows that long-distance relationships are hard work, but here is something you may not know: being in a long-distance relationships can benefit you in 6 ways.

You Learn Independencelong-distance relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship teaches you to step out of co-dependence and be on your own. The fact that your partner is not around makes you go shopping for groceries alone. You will do the household chores by yourself. You will learn to take independent decisions. You will go on a solo trip or trip with your friends. For heaven’s sake, don’t you have a social life of your own besides you partner? This time alone will give you a happening social life.

You appreciate the time spent togetherlong-distance relationship

We rarely value something which is easily available.  When you live closer and meet very often, you tend to take your lover for granted and their conversations too. The plus point of living at a long-distance is that since you may not meet frequently, you learn to appreciate the time spent together. Be it  meeting in-person after a few months, or video call on Skype, you make each minute count and make the most of your time. You avoid cribbing or whining about something. You avoid nit-picking the flaws of your beau instead you care for them some more.

You don’t get perplexed between lust and lovelong-distance relationship

When you meet too often and your partner expresses his/her affection for you; you tend to confuse that love for lust. When you’re living apart, you tend to focus on conversations. Real love comes into picture because emotional intimacy fuels a relationship to grow stronger. When you feel attracted to each other due to the conversations you have instead of the physical touch or appearances, this makes many long-distance relationship tick. You figure out the difference between lust and love.  

You use your free time for creative hobbieslong-distance relationship

When you found free time, you met him/her too often that compromised your individuality amidst the smoke of lovey-dovey moments.  When you both are miles apart, you can focus on building a creative ability or enhance your skills. If you love baking, start a home-based bakery. If you love painting, give your paintings for exhibitions. If you’re fond of writing yet spreading awareness about a topic, then start a blog. If you love travelling and sharing your travelogues, then start a travel blog or vlog, for that matter. Find your passion inside, let your passion find the real ‘you’. By the time you both meet, your lover will meet a renewed version of ‘you’.    

You learn patiencelong-distance relationship

The biggest lesson absence of your loved one teaches you is patience. They may be overseas for higher studies or a job transfer. You may be living at a distance of ten oceans, but the fact that they will be back one day, gives you patience and happiness. One has to sacrifice personal satisfaction for the sake of your beloved’s bright future. When you learn to stay calm despite not getting to talk to him/her for many days, you develop the virtue called patience. You stop being impulsive and start learning patience.   

You make memorable momentslong-distance relationship

Because you don’t see each other for days, weeks and months (God forbid, years!), you decorate the place with balloons, scented candles, rose petals and what not when you meet.  You learn to make your time very special. You capture those golden moments and get them framed. There are plenty of ways to make your moments memorable; it depends on the leap you’re ready to take. Gifting your loved one those handmade exotic chocolates, cupcakes or fragrance etc. makes your date very special.  You can find other innovative tactics to impress them and reignite the lost sparks of love.

By following these steps, anyone can learn to ignite the passion in a long-distance relationship. Not only does it make you stronger, wiser and creative; but it makes you a renewed version of the ‘old’ you.  An independent individual appears to be more attractive than a co-dependent person. Don’t these pointers bubble up your spirits and make you realize that being in a long-distance relationship isn’t too bad, after all when you can build a strong foundation of love from a thousand miles distance.


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