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Best Movies you can watch anytime with your Friends

by , Thursday, May 10, 2018

When was the last time you caught up with your friends for a movie time? What if we had a theatre booked for our clique to enjoy watching movies and have our personal space? Not possible, let’s get back to reality. Fret not friends, gather-up at your friend’s place with a lavish TV-set or personal theatre and watch these 5 movies back-to-back with your buddies.

Live, laugh, learn and enjoy watching blockbuster movies with your friends.

Recount funny incidents, walk down the memory lane and nostalgia doesn’t get any better than watching a range of blockbuster movies that give you lump in your throat, a positive tug in your heart, tears of joy, aggressive motivation, emotional drama and tons of laughter. When we watch Bollywood movies, we have a real-time experience because we live each moment as the portrayed character itself. So, get those cream-cookies, chips, cheese crackers, muffins, popcorns to your movie scene and transport yourself to a utopian world of music, inspiration, adventure and entertainment.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobarabest movies with friends

Directed by Zoya Akhtar, this movie revolves around a pact between three friends who conquer their respective fears while discovering themselves during the journey. The comic timing, bromance, love, fighting fears, amazing songs etc are the USP of this movie. You’d have fun watching it with your friends reminding them of those hilarious moments spent with them.

Queenbest movies with friends

Story of a girl who goes to her honeymoon ‘alone’ because she was ditched by her douche fiancé at the last minute of wedding. How Rani transforms from a homely-girl to an absolutely confident and groomed diva while exploring life with new-found experiences is what makes this movie a super-hit. Obviously, aren’t these reasons enough to gather your gang to watch it?

Aishabest movies with friends

‘Aisha’ is a philanthropist, social activist, loves baking cakes and is surrounded by her besties.  How her personal life entwines with her social circle while teaching her ‘match-making’ gestures an unforgettable lesson is just some part of the story. Aisha is good to watch for those ‘makeover’ sessions with girls, juicy gossip, ganging up and bitter moments of friendship and love, of course. How can we forget the dapper Abhay Deol’s chemistry with his childhood friend Sonam Kapoor?

Rock onbest movies with friends

The movie revolves around four musician friends who strive to form a band but somehow fail in their motives. After a couple of years, they team up and reignite the lost passion with their last ‘fiery’ live performance on stage. Not only does this movie present peppy rock music to the audience but also tells the story of a friendship gone awry that comes back into reunion after deep misunderstandings.  A total entertainer, a group of friends, what else you need.

Dil Chahta Haibest movies with friends

A contemporary movie of its time which still leaves us in splits and tears. Dil Chahta Hai was made by the man of many talents, Farhan Akhtar who tells the story of three friends living their independent lives while falling, growing and progressing with each experience. Perfect music, perfectly exotic locations, a bottle of champagne with friends in the personal theatre is all you need for having a blast.  

No matter how many times you’ve seen these movies, they add zest and zeal to your life. Gather up with your gang of boys and girls along with some caramelized popcorn and chilled drinks to enjoy with them. These movies help you re-live the lost time of love, humour and fun in this day when you’re loaded with deadlines and we-don’t-care attitudes.  You can also recount some funny anecdotes to each other during breaks in between to make the experience memorable.


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