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Essential items which every dog-owner must have!

by , Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Little bundles of fur and joy, our four-pawed friends require more care and warmth than humans. They provide unconditional love and demand the same for themselves. Puppies are extremely notorious, volatile, emotional, clumsy yet cute.

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.

Their playtime often unintentionally results in either inappropriate chewing or self-harm. But as innocent as puppies are, their actions are equally harmful if not supervised properly. Therefore, in order to make sure that your pup never harms himself or its surroundings even if left alone, we hereby provide you a list of must-have items:

A great crate

Essential items which every dog-owner must have!

Dog owners in India, which actually love their pet often gets scared by the idea of a crate. As scary as it looks, a mobile dog crate is equally useful in keeping your fur-baby safe. If left unsupervised, dogs often unintentionally harm themselves or their surroundings. Therefore, if you are busy with some work and cannot watch your dog then a crate is all you need to ensure their safety.

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Cozy mattress

Essential items which every dog-owner must have!

Like human beings, dogs also require comfort and personal space and especially, when you treat one like your family member. Therefore, make sure you buy a suitable bed or mattress for your four-pawed baby so that they sleep with all their heart.

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Food vessel

Essential items which every dog-owner must have!

Your puppy will have a hungry appetite while they’re growing, so it’s important your dog has a familiar food bowl used every day for their meals to be placed in. Some plastic bowls are easily mistaken as a toy and puppies are prone to playfully knocking it over. Therefore, we suggest a ceramic bowl for serving food to your fur-ball.

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Water bowl

Essential items which every dog-owner must have!

We mentioned water and food bowls differently as it is very important to train your dog which one is food and which one is for water.  Once you buy suitable water bowl make sure that fresh water is always available for your dog and the bowl should be cleaned frequently.

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Essential items which every dog-owner must have!

A leash or lead is very important as it connects you to your puppy. It’s your dog’s safety line back to you that keeps him out of harm’s way. Even if your family has a fenced in yard a leash is a must have item for many reasons. A leash helps during potty training to guide your puppy away from distractions during potty breaks as well as when he needs to be taken to see a veterinarian.

You can Buy a suitable leash for your dog here

Harmless Harness

Essential items which every dog-owner must have!

Neck collars often put a lot of painful strain on the neck’s muscles and trachea. That is where harness comes into play. There are many different options for harnesses a person can buy such as a body harness, chest harness, or face harness. We suggest body or chest harnesses for smaller to medium dog breeds and face harnesses for large breeds for maximum control over your gentle-beast.

You can Buy a harmless harness for your dog here

The above listed items are a must-have for every dog owner who already has or about to get a new puppy. You must purchase these products before you bring your puppy home to ensure their proper care and comfort.


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