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Find out what your name reveals about your personality in Numerology

by , Thursday, May 03, 2018

There’s more to astrology than you can imagine. Numerology is a field of astrology that determines your name according to the power of numbers. In a country of superstitions, we are plagued with beliefs like starting any important venture on an auspicious date. 

A correct name empowered by numerology promises a successful future.

Do you know your current name could total up to an unlucky number that can impact your whole life? What’s the harm in getting your name corrected for a bright future? Numerology is a science to help and guide you through this name-changing process. I am here to tell you what your name reveals about your personality based on the calculations made by each alphabet’s value.

Based on Cheiro's numerology, every alphabet has a number denoted to it. Below is the method given to calculate your name number.numerology

A simple calculation will let you know what your name unveils about you. Check it out. 

For example, There’s a girl called Ria. Here is the calculation.

R=2,I=1, A=1. The total sum of Ria’s name is:

2+1+1=4. Her name totals up to 4.

If your name sums up to a double-digit number such as 12, then add the two 1+2=3. Final outcome will be your name number.

See, isn’t it very simple? Now try the calculation and explore the meaning of your name.numerologynumerologynumerologynumerologynumerologynumerology

Discover the power of numerology. Calculate your name with the aforementioned method and find out what it says about you. When you go to a numerologist, he will correct your name and also give you a detailed report about your life, career, love, lucky numbers, family life, marriage and hidden secrets and traits based on your name. For example, did you know there is a soul urge number? There are many more interesting things to explore in numerology. I hope you enjoyed this article that reveals all about your name.


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