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Friendships Day 2018: Here are some quirky gifts options for you BFF!

by Vibhuti Gupta, Saturday, August 04, 2018

Everyone has friends, truck loads of them but only a few have 'best friends'. They're like this special species of humans which are customized by the likes you, and only you. Your best friend deserves all the happiness in this world because well, they are the best humans but they also, deserve that with you. If you think you've found your BFF soul mate then please, don't you ever let them go!

Best friends are never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart!

So, friendships day is just around the corner and we were wondering about what you're planning to do with your BFF? I mean, it doesn't matter how old you grow up there's no age for telling someone that you're grateful for having them.

Friendships’ Day is that one day of the year (except your birthdays!), when you have the freedom of pampering your best friend and sharing your weirdness of everything that there is. It’s time to move on from the mundane chocolates and bracelets, and try something a little more ‘you’.

We have some cool ideas on how you can spoil your best friend with some quirky merchandise in town:

Bluetooth speakers

There's no human who can survive without music so this is the best idea and probably, the most thoughtful one too. These mini speakers that can be easily carried around in denim pockets and handbags are totally 'the thing' for your friend's love for music.

Think out of the box

Handmade gifts are always special because they show the pain that you've taken in creating them. Bath bombs, handmade soap, DIY (Do It Yourself) accessories, or even their favorite meal- the options are unlimited here. While there are many things you can buy as a present, nothing can beat the joy of gifting something that you can pour your love into.

Help them relax

Your best friend is your ultimate support system, without them you would have been nothing so its time to make them feel the same. Express your love and care for their well-being by gifting them with spa vouchers. Acknowledge their hard work and help them unwind by going for a spa and don't forget to tell them how important their well -being is to you.

Shoes go all the way

If your friend has the soft corner for those comfy and trendy looking canvas shoes and fancies flaunting their footwear collection, we just got the right option for you. You can spoil them further by gifting customized canvas shoes where in you can print anything imaginable on the canvas shoes. To make it more special for them, you can also customize the shoes with quotes that you both can relate to.

So, what are you giving your BFF? Stay tuned for more Relationship-related updates!


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